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Our Best Mail Order Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Canada List

Welcome to our list of the best online magic mushroom (‘shroom’) dispensaries in Canada. Before we list the best mail-order psilocybin magic mushroom dispensaries in Canada that will deliver you psychedelic products through the mail, we feel that it’s important that you know some information about them. If you are already an experienced magic mushroom user, feel free to skip ahead.

Magic mushrooms are fungi that contain psilocybin, a psychoactive substance that is known to make users hallucinate. When you take psilocybin in high enough amounts, you can begin to ‘trip”. Some people believe these trips allow them to discover things about themselves or have healing properties. 

Certain people also enjoy taking magic mushrooms in measured micro doses, usually 50-300 mg, to enhance their mood, help focus, relieve pain, and even help with symptoms of depression

Psilocybin magic mushrooms are now commonly being carried at mail order dispensaries across Canada, so we thought that it was important to let our readers know the best places to order your magic mushrooms. 

We looked through many mail order dispensaries in Canada and we’ve narrowed it down to a few options for the best sites to order magic mushrooms. These sites carry everything you need to get started, whether you’re looking for a psychedelic trip or to begin a micro dosing regiment. Now without further to do.

The Top Online Magic Mushroom Dispensaries in Canada – Top 3:

Updated – September 2023

The Best Online Mushroom Dispensary is CannaWholesalers

This online dispensary has a history of providing quality cannabis products at great bulk prices. Their psilocybin magic mushroom offerings bring a lot to the table with their quality and pricing. If you’re wondering about some of the great magic mushroom products offered by this great dispensary, check them out below

Dried Magic Mushroom

Currently, CannaWholesalers has four varieties of psychedelic mushrooms on offer.

These magic mushrooms include:

Golden Teachers

Penis Envy Cubensis

Blue Meanies

The high-quality magic mushroom strains offered at CannaWholesalers are all good examples of why they are one of the best online magic mushroom dispensaries in Canada.

All of CannaWholesaler’s dried mail order magic mushrooms provide a great way to trip, and the choice of which variety of magic mushroom you want to experience is up to you. We recommend doing some research on the different varieties beforehand. But beginners may want to try the Golden Teachers first as they are milder than the other strains.

Mushroom Jelly:

CannaWholesalers provides high-quality capsules for micro-dosing. Their Room 920 Mushroom Jelly provides a reliable way to microdose high-quality magic mushrooms as often as you like without the bad taste.

room 920 magic mushroom jelly
Room 920 Capsules

The capsules by Room920 are made with Cambodian cubensis and are a safe and reliable way to microdose magic mushrooms. We recommend doing some research first to find the dosage you want to begin with.

Use coupon “GTA10” to receive $10 off your order from CannaWholesalers.


If your looking for the best online magic mushroom dispensary in Canada then MMJDirect provides an extensive assortment of high-quality magic mushroom products. Like the other places on our list, this dispensary allows you to have quality magic mushroom products delivered safely and discreetly directly to your doorstep or mailbox.

Here are some examples of the products that they currently carry:

Dried Magic Mushrooms

Of course, MMJDirect offers you a variety of premium psilocybin magic mushrooms for you to choose from. Their shrooms are affordably priced and how many grams you order of them is completely up to you.

This dispensary features an impressive list of strains and varieties that includes varieties from around the world. Some of the one’s worth checkout out here are: Penis EnvyAfrican Transkei ToadstoolsTri-Colour EquadorianGolden Teachers, and Jack Frost

Remember that everyone feels the effects of magic mushrooms differently and that your experience will be unique, with that said, the above mail order magic mushroom strains from MMJDirect will help you get you tripping in no time.

Magic Mushroom Capsules

Magic Mushroom Capsules are a great way to start micro-dosing magic mushrooms, these capsules are easy to take and have essentially no bad mushroom taste to them, which helps a lot if you want to take magic mushrooms regularly. 

brain boost myco labs online mushrooms top supplement
Brain Boost by myco labs

Some products we found interesting here were: Brain Boost by Myco LabsFocus by Myco LabsRest & Relax by Myco Labs, and Stress Less by Osmosis.

Each of these products has been formulated with several different species of psilocybin magic mushrooms to give you effects true to the product’s namesake.

All of the products above have been carefully chosen for our list of the best mail order magic mushroom dispensaries because these products stand out with quality, earning them their place on our listings. Keep in mind that your individual experiences may vary and always start slowly with these products as the effects are delayed. 

Magic Mushroom Edibles

Another great way to consume psilocybin magic mushrooms is with edibles. These edibles are similar to cannabis edibles in that their effects are delayed after you eat them so you should wait to feel the effects of your first one before you take your second dose

Some great mushroom edibles from MMJDirect are Milk Chocolate Funghi Bars, Star Blend Chocolates, Golden Teacher Chocolates, Penis Envy Chocolates, and Mushroom Gummies by Bloom.

All these great-tasting mail order psilocybin magic mushroom edibles will allow you to dose yourself for a great trip as long as you’re careful with them. We recommend you read up on dosages before you start.

Use coupon “DispensaryGTA” to receive 20% off your order from MMJDirect.

Spore Society

This dispensary is a great choice for some of the best magic mushroom products available in Canada. We are thrilled with the large variety and quality offerings from this dispensary. Spore Society has created a name for itself in the magic mushroom space by delivering reasonably priced, high-quality products, to its many customers. 

They have several main categories of mail order psilocybin magic mushroom offerings: 

Dried Mushrooms: 

Some examples of the great magic mushroom options that Spore Society currently carries are; Golden Teacher, Albino Treasure Coast, Blue Meanies, Amazonian, and Penis Envy

Each of these strains from Spore Society has unique effects that you should research beforehand. Once you decide on the strain that you want to try, you can trust that Spore Society will deliver the items quickly and discreetly to your doorstep. If you have any questions, remember that their skilled customer support agents are always happy to help you with the live chat on their site.

Magic Mushroom Edibles: 

best online magic mushroom dispensary shroom gummy frog
Shroom Gummy Frog

This mail order dispensary has many interesting edible products that are worth giving a try for yourself. Some examples of great products include The Room920 – Grape Jelly, Mastermind – Cookies and Cream Bar, and the MasterMind – Shroom Gummy Frogs

All of these edibles are great choices if you’re looking to have a trip without the awful taste of dried mushrooms. All of them have serious potency and are packed well in sealed packaging that will keep these items fresh for you through the shipping time. 

Mushroom Tea:

If magic mushroom tea sounds like a good idea to you then you are going to love this infused magic mushroom tea from Spore Society. 

The Blue Moon Mushroom Tea from Room 920 is a product that is designed to help you create your very own magic mushroom tea. 

Keep in mind that consuming magic mushrooms through tea can make your experience more intense so this may not be the method recommended for inexperienced users. All of these tea-making products are derived from Amazonian Cubensis. 

Use discount code “GTA10” to receive 10% off your order from Spore Society.

Final thoughts on the best mail order magic mushroom dispensaries in Canada:

Thank you for reading our article on the best magic mushroom dispensaries in Canada, we hope that it helps you decide where to place your order. 

Cannabis and magic mushrooms have great synergistic effects so please also check out our list of the best mail order marijuana dispensaries in Canada too.

As always, if you have any questions or if you simply want to let us know what you think about our article, you can always contact us at

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