BC Kush

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BC KushThis is an indica strain that is 100% pure, created by breeders at the famous BCBud Depot farm cross the insanely popular BC Grapefruit X Kush strains. This dank bud is a double winner of the Cannabis Cup in the Best Indica category. It is also well-known for its rich indica heritage that stems from high potent strains. Afghani indica strains.

BC KushThis cannabis plant is considered to be one of the strongest. It averages between 15-20% THC. Patients describe the sensation as a high that includes a feeling of being extremely high, and then a feeling of being couch-locked. This is accompanied with a head rush.

Users may feel incredibly happy, with bouts of creativity and inspiration. They also experience a completely relaxed state. This bud is great for pain relief and inflammation. This strain’s nugs are olive green rock-hard, woven with orange hairs, and frosted with glittering crystals and resin.

These popcorn-shaped nugs are pungent and strong and taste earthy.

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3.5g, 1oz Quarter Pound (4oz), Quarter Pound (8oz), Half-Pound (8oz), and 1 pound (16oz).

BC Kush
BC Kush
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