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About DispensaryGTA

The Canadian government has now passed legislation that legalizes cannabis both medically and recreationally.

A market for recreational marijuana dispensaries has opened across Canada. These dispensaries are referred to as “MOM (mail order marijuana) dispensaries” in the Canadian cannabis community.

Our website was created many years ago in order to review recreational dispensaries across Toronto, hence our name DispensaryGTA.

However, with the introduction of (MOM) mail-order marijuana dispensaries, which provided better quality products at cheaper prices than brick and motor dispensaries; we have changed our focus in order to review mail-order dispensaries across Canada.

Today, it is our goal to review every Canadian mail order dispensary thoroughly and accurately and create a directory of all the dispensaries that are worth ordering from, while also providing weed-related news and information.

Our Platform

If you’re an individual, DispensaryGTA offers the best way to discover the best mail order best dispensaries, regardless of your location across Canada.

We also help you to retain your valuable dollars with our coupons, promotions, and deals.

Find out more about the evolving world of mail-order cannabis products within our frequently updated website; we have all the information that you need about mail-order weed in Canada.

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If you have any questions or comments about DispensaryGTA.com or are interested in going through our review process, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will contact you back in a timely manner.


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