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The Canadian government has passed legislation that legalizes cannabis both medically and recreationally.

As such, the number of online dispensaries in Canada grows each day.  

DispensaryGTA focuses on reviewing the best MOM (‘mail order marijuana’) dispensaries in Canada. Online MOM dispensaries are focused on providing the best quality cannabis for the lowest possible prices.

Five years ago, we started this platform to review recreational dispensaries across Toronto, hence our name DispensaryGTA. However, we quickly discovered that ordering from MOM dispensaries across Canada was the best way to get the best quality cannabis at unmatched prices.

With fast shipping nationwide, frequent deals, discounts, and a focus on customer service, it was clear that they offered a lot compared to the other options.

Finding The Best MOM Dispensaries in Canada

We started to discover a diverse set of MOMs in Canada, all claiming to offer the best weed and the lowest prices.’

There was a clear need to help Canadians find the most reliable, trustworthy options to make the most of their experience with these dispensaries. Fast forward to 2021, and we’ve completed reviews on countless MOM dispensaries and continue to release as many new reviews every month as we can.

With our well-written MOM reviews, we always do our best to provide all the details Canadians need to decide whether a particular mail-order marijuana dispensary is right for them based on our experience with them.

Listing The Latest MOM Deals & Discounts

In 2021 we updated our platform and introduced new features that would provide a renewed focus on helping people find the best deals, discounts, and sales every week to trusted MOM dispensaries.

Using our platform’s new cannabis deal-finding features, people discover new ways to save on cannabis every week by ordering with the latest deals offered by over a dozen recommended MOM dispensaries.

Readers can easily explore our deals categories and copy new coupon codes. With the help of DispensaryGTA’s updated platform, saving money at MOM dispensaries has never been easier!

DispensaryGTA Helps Canadians Nationwide Save On Ordering Cannabis Online

The DispensaryGTA platform brings our readers more exciting MOM and coupon codes every month. Our focus these days is to help Canadians nationwide save by ordering weed using our weekly updates on the latest MOM deals, discounts, and coupon codes.

Join thousands of Canadians every month by checking DispensaryGTA to save money on your favourite cannabis products, you’ll be glad you did!

The Most Trusted Mail Order Marijuana Review & Recomendatiaon Platform in Canada

As one of the longest-running mail order marijuana review sites, operating for half a decade, we offer unparalleled experience in this space. We use this knowledge to inform our readership with every post we make on the site.

Our team dedicates themselves to ensuring that we’ve got the very best recommendations every week so that Canadians can discover the benefits of buying with quality MOM dispensaries as we have ourselves.

Every MOM dispensary we review is held to the highest standard once they achieve a recommendation by our platform. Our #1 goal is always to ensure our list of recommended MOM dispensaries provides our readers with the best quality cannabis at unbeatable prices.

We hope you enjoy using DispensaryGTA to save money and that you will check back often for new MOM reviews, coupon codes, and our weekly updates on the latest deals.

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