AA – AAA Popcorn Buds

$55/ 1/2 oz Buy It Now

1/2 Ounce Options Only | No Choosing Specific Strains | Limited Availability | Does Not Apply To 20-45% Mixed Flower Discount

*May consist of all AA – AAA, Due to order volume it will be completely random

With 14 grams of randomized AA-AAA popcorn buds, make any party a blast. Made with a variety of cannabis strains, you’ll be getting a random selection of between 1 to 3 different strains. We can’t tell you what those strains are because they’re randomly selected, but we promise you won’t be disappointed!

AA-AAA Popcorn Buds are the perfect smoke for those who only want a little something and don’t want to break the bank. You’ll get a lot for your money with these nuggets that are the perfect size to carry around or stash in your pocket. And remember, smaller buds do not necessarily mean lower quality!

AA – AAA Popcorn Buds
AA – AAA Popcorn Buds
$55/ 1/2 oz

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