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High Weed Prices in Canada

Weed Prices in Canada: What’s the Deal? Our team here at DispensaryGTA are always talking about the crazy weed deals available across Canada. We never get to touch on the real issue happening in this […]


Pros and Cons of Marijuana

As marijuana becomes more accepted across mainstream society, the vernacular once reserved for a limited segment of the population has now become more widespread and commonplace. For example, Kush is a popular strain that hails […]

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How To Buy Weed Online in Canada

Mail order marijuana ( MOM ) is by far the most efficient and cost-effective way to purchase marijuana online in Canada.  In the last quarter of 2018, the Canadian government legalized recreational cannabis in all […]

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Review of Sovrin Extracts

Reliability, Quality and Unmatched Customer Service More than just an extraction company, I was intrigued by the lifestyle brand known as Sovrin Extracts. With lab results of each of their products available on their website, […]

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Review of The Gentle Herb Dispensary

Quality Products, Unique Bundle Packs and Competitive Prices   The mail-order-marijuana dispensary has proclaimed themselves as “Canada’s most gentle herbal dispensary” and with good reason. The Gentle Herb has a beautiful website with no […]

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Review of Ganja Express

The mail-order-marijuana dispensary is starting to become one of the most popular MOMs in Canada. From great customer service to nearly every product option known to stoners, Ganja Express provides both bulk and small-buy […]