Working Cannabis Into Your Workout

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The “lazy stoner” stereotype is slowly dissipating. MakingA wave of curious and ambitious people will be taking advantage of these plants’ unique properties. From Sativa’s beloved energy boosts; to the pain relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety qualities of 

weed lifting weights

Cannabidiol(CBD), people around CanadaThis plant is being used both medicinally and recreationally all over the world.

When used correctly, cannabis can make exercise more fun. however, before you attempt to crush some blunts or smoke a fat cigar, make sure you do not first inhale. personal records, there are some things to consider.

You should be aware that some strains of cannabis may cause seizures. increase your heart rate by 20-50 bpm. StrainsHigh in TetrahydrocannabinolTHC tends to have a greater effect upon your heart rate. ConverselyTHC has been shown to activate the brain in low doses CB2 receptor’s pro-cardiovascular health effects.

This is the lesson to remember: Before you start your workout, stick to low THC. KeepKeep in mind, that cannabis has different effects for everyone. Whether you’re an occasional or regular user will drastically change the impact Cannabis has profound effect on your body and your senses. If you tend to get a little clumsy when you smoke; perhaps you shouldn’t hold large amounts of weight above your head. you are safe out there.


People there are many reasons why people exercise. However, one form that unquestionably keeps them coming back to the gym is positive reinforcement. runner’s high. A blissful experience originally thought to be caused by a rush of endorphins; Runner’s highest is now being linked to Anandamide, an endo-cannabinoid closely resembling THC.

Wouldn’t it be great to start your workout with that “I can do anything” feeling? ThisCBD is a great option. CBD inhibits anandamide’s breakdown, which gives this neurotransmitter that induces bliss a longer life span.

While there are strains that have high CBD but low THC. It is possible to find these strains. For me, it is easier to use CBD oil. ManyCBD is used by athletes to reduce anxiety and increase the pain threshold. ThisThis allows them to push themselves further with no inhibitions.

Combine the natural, feel-good effect of CBD, with the energy boost of a low-percentage sativa and you’re in for the most enjoyable workout of your life!

I hope this is obvious. However, if this is your first time smoking, vaping, or ingesting cannabis, take some time to get used to it.       


weed lifting weights

You can boost your good vibes while working out by checking out The Kind Pen V2 Tri-use along with your favourite CBD oil. You won’t be disappointed!


After a long workout, you’ll likely be tired, sore, and a little stiff. Luckily for you, recovering from a training session doesn’t have to be as terrifying, as jumping in a tub of ice.

Sit relax and enjoy a high-quality indica strain. Let the healing process begin. something most common strains of indica have a higher CBD content. CBD is known to be anti-inflammatory.

AnotherIndica strains are preferred for the recovery process because of the intense body high they can provide. THC also acts as a muscle relaxant; so unlike your pre-workout, you’ll want to choose a strain with a higher percentage of THC to wind down with.

While most people find regular exercise improves their sleep; many, still have a hard time getting to bed, if they’ve exercised later in the day. If you are suffering from insomnia after a workout, you can try indica to become one with your bed.

FurthermoreYour post-workout tees could be helping you improve your next training session. THC is found in fat cells. As you lose fat, THC will be reintroduced back into your system. If you’ve ever needed a  good reason to be active, there it is.

Unfortunately, since there are very few studies on using cannabis while being active and working out; you’ll likely have to experiment to find the perfect mix. Luckily there are many products that can be used to create the perfect cannabis regimen.

I recommend exploring everything. shatter, wax. oils. distillates, CBD tablets and creams. Moreover. micro-dosing cannabis is a rising trend that many people are enjoying success with. If you’re looking for some new gear to enjoy your favourite bud you can find bongs, dab rigs, vapes, and accessories for sale at Smoky Mountain.

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