Review of Tribal Delights Edibles

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An artisan dispensary delivering delicious edibles straight to your door.

Tribal Delights Edibles is a Canadian MOM dispensary that specializes in fine, artisan, cannabis-infused chocolates. Tribal Delights makes every single chocolate a work of art; every single piece is hand inspected and wrapped to ensure quality. The package was received within four days and was professionally packaged, individually vacuum-sealed in plastic and the package would fit within a standard mailbox.

Please see our edibles guide for a detailed guide on how to consume edibles.

Spirit Squares 100mg THC 

When I opened the custom-made Spirit Square container I was struck by the fine craftsmanship that the bar displayed. There was a rich, dark chocolate bottom followed with a fine and small white chocolate layer on top. The white chocolate was either stamped or hand painted with beautiful impressions native artwork. Every bar is a work of art and you will nearly feel guilty about eating it; right until you finish your first bite and realize you must have another.

Spirit Squares 100mg THC

Spirit Squares 100mg THC

The flavour from the Spirit Square was absolutely some of the finest chocolate I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. This cannabis-infused fine chocolate had an almost unsweetened dark chocolate that was rich and velvety as it slowly melted in my mouth in an explosion of flavour. In contrast, the white chocolate was sweet and milky rich and the juxtaposition of flavour allowed the chocolates to play a symphony in my mouth. I also must admit, I have never had chocolate induce so much pleasure from just tasting it. This bar did not have any noticeable flavour of cannabis.  

Spirit Squares are aptly named, as they had me soaring by 1 hour and 30 minutes. Tribal Delights includes lecithin in their Spirit Squares; a molecule that allows easier and faster absorption of THC into the bloodstream. This addition greatly increases the intensity of the high and the total bioavailability of THC within the body. These Spirit Squares are delicious, rich and fine milk chocolate and all natural ingredients. I promise you can pronounce every single ingredient and once you feel the full effect of the cannabis-infused chocolates Spirit Squares; you will wish you had bought several more. We highly recommend these Spirit Squares here at DispensaryGTA; however, these bars are not for the inexperienced.      

Thunder Bars 

Thunder Bar Pure White Chocolate 8mg THC & 18mg THC

Thunder Bar Pure White Chocolate 8mg THC & 18mg THC

These beautifully stamped, soft and creamy pure, white chocolate from Tribal Delights Edibles was astounding in its sweet simplicity. Made with the richest and best white chocolate I have ever had the pleasure to taste; this bar melted in my mouth in an explosively sweet melody of natural flavours.

Tribal Delights cares about their customers satisfaction. By adding lecithin to every single one of their quality edibles; they ensure proper THC bioavailability in the bloodstream. This ensures each and every edible has the accurate dosage stated on the package and that your body will be able to absorb the cannabis-infused, delectably sweet, white chocolate treat.   

Thunder Bar – Pure Dark Chocolate 18mg Cannabis Infused THC

Thunder Bar - Pure Dark Chocolate 18mg Cannabis Infused THC

Tribal Delight Edibles made an amazing, perfectly unsweetened, pure dark chocolate Thunder Bar that was beautifully crafted and stamped with artful designs. They craft their cannabis-infused edibles using a tincture with only the finest flowers and strains. You will not be able to have only one piece of this bar; I warn you, plan to have the entire bar yourself, no sharing; you deserve to experience this chocolate. This was my favourite chocolate bar by far.

Thunder Bar – Pure Milk Chocolate 30mg THC

Thunder Bar - Pure Milk Chocolate 30mg THC

The minute the milky chocolate hit my tongue, it melted and then richly carried me off into an almost overwhelming sensation of flavours. The gorgeous Thunder Bar had no hint of the powerful medicine it contained inside; however, I would recommend these bars alone even without the cannabis. They were masterful pieces of art, the chocolate was quite simply the finest chocolate I have ever had the pleasure to consume, full stop.

Rainbow Delight – 10mg THC Gummy 

Rainbow Delight - 10mg THC GummyTribal Delights Edibles’ Rainbow Delight was a gummy candy made with 100% real fruit juice and was sweetened entirely with pure honey. The detail of the beautifully moulded gelatin cannabis leaf was superb.

The taste of the cannabis-infused Rainbow Delight was one of a deep, berry juice flavour; coupled with a sweet, but zesty tang that spread pleasantly throughout my mouth and remained as a pleasant, lingering reminder of the beautiful gelatin delight I had just consumed.   


Tribal Delights Edibles is a Canadian artisan dispensary that is masterful in the art of crafting edibles. Everything we received from Tribal Delights Edibles was crafted and inspected to ensure the utmost perfection. We were amazed at the artistry that went into each individual piece of delectable edibles and felt that consuming this chocolate was the height of indulgence. We highly recommend this dispensary to edible connoisseurs and those looking for a truly unique and delicious experience.

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