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Have you taken an in-depth look through our reviews on DispensaryGTA and are you still wondering what product you should purchase? That is why we have assembled this new page of some of the best cannabis/marjuana products that we have sampled during our reviews.

We have had the opportunity to test a lot of products from mail order marijuana dispensaries across Canada and we can tell you which products are worth ordering from.

Use this page for a quick overview of amazing products that we have ordered and enjoyed ourselves:

Please check back frequently as we will be adding to this list quite often.

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Top Products from Canadian Dispensaries


New York Diesel (Sativa)

new york disel cannabis strain product page

"The high of New York Diesel from was incredibly euphoric and contributed to a creative mindset that was extremely helpful as I wrote this review. This sativa dominant hybrid was the perfect strain for daytime use and it delivered an uplifted and relaxed mood throughout the day that was reliable and steady. " Product Page

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Master Yoda (Hybrid)

Master Yoda Strain Green Society

"Green Society’s Master Yoda was a powerful hybrid, that definitely felt more on the indica side of the scale. This strain produced relaxation and a total body buzz that melted muscles; as well as; couch lock, a slight euphoria and tiredness. Novices are advised to use caution with this strain, as inexperienced users may feel overwhelmed. "

Green Society Product Page

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Supreme Nuken (Indica)

supreme nuken strain green society

"This mostly indica dominant hybrid quickly produced feelings of relaxation, with a beautiful body buzz to melt away chronic pain. Moreover, there was a moderate euphoria, couch lock, a moderate amount of sedation and an uplifted mood when consuming Supreme Nuken. This strain should only be used at night due to its sedative nature. Moreover, novices should use caution with this strain, as inexperienced users may feel overwhelmed."

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POG Kush Shatter

"The high from Buds2go’s POG Kush Shatter slammed us with couch-lock and a happy and lazy euphoria that left us relaxed and sleepy. Novice users should use caution with this powerful medication."

Buds2go Product Page

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Death Bubba Shatter

"Death Bubba Shatter from Peak 420 hit like a truck. This indica dominant hybrid produced euphoria, relaxation, an uplifted mood, intense hunger and sleepiness; have a bed or couch handy as this strain will be sure to knock you out!"

Peak 420 Product Page

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Fudge Brownie

Fudge Brownie Cannabis Baked Edibles

"The high from this Fudge Brownie by Baked Edibles Inc was marvellous and produced feelings of strong euphoria and happiness. We deeply enjoyed this brownie and would recommend it for anyone wondering whether to pick one up for themselves."

Peak 420 Product Page

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