Top 5 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (LPs) in Canada

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Top 5 Medically-focused LPs in Canada

What’s the difference between the big federally licensed legal producers(LPs) and regular, Canadian medical marijuana dispensaries? Well, LPs have gone through an extremely rigorous Health Canada licensing process, that (until recently) usually takes several years.

Furthermore, the LPs have a whole host of requirements they need to meet before being granted a Cultivation and Sales license, including criteria for security, sanitation, product purity, and more. Their products tend to be higher priced, they don’t offer many sales or discounts, and they don’t sell extracts, edibles, or beverages. Additionally, most LPs only sell their own products.

The biggest roadblock with LPs is that you do need a medical prescription for cannabis from a doctor and ALL of the LPs are very particular and strict about this requirement. If you’re not interested in going through the medical system with a doctor, this process isn’t for you.

However,  if the long wait times, the bureaucratic red tape and finally, when you’ve managed to find a medical doctor that will prescribe medical marijuana; or alternatively, if you already have a medical prescription, LPs might work. However; be warned, not all LPs are created equally!

Here’s a list of 5 “medically-focused” LPs for you to try:


Tilray has a partnership with the pharmaceutical giant Sandoz, making them the “big pharma” connected LP out there. The main reason you’d order from Tilray is for their pharmaceutical-grade oils. They have an entire range that run from CBD-only, to THC-only, with balances throughout the spectrum. They’re based in Victoria, so shipping will be quick if you’re on the West Coast.



The largest LP on our list, Aphria offers a wide selection of both dried flower and strain-specific oils. Their prices are relatively cheap, and they always have a few products that are extra budget-minded, such as their “Grower’s Blend” that’s only $4/gram. They name their strains after Canadian lakes, so that’s a fun nod to the Great White North. Aphria would be sort of like the Bud Light of cannabis (at least when measured against the others on this list).



Not as flashy or hyped up as some others, these guys have been around for a long time, and have probably the most stringent quality-control criteria of any cultivator on this list. So if you want to be 100% certain that your product is pure, CannTrust are your guys. In the GTA they offer same-day delivery, which is very surprising coming from an LP. Their prices are expensive, with several topping $12/gram, so you do pay for the quality. Important to note- they have vegan CBD and THC capsules (traditional gelatin capsules are made from animal by-products.)



Hydropothecary is all over the news right now because they just teamed up with Molson Coors to produce cannabis beer, although it will be a long time before you end up seeing that on the shelves. Still, they have several unique product lines including one that features custom strains for different times of the day. Also interesting to note is their Fleur de Lune oil, which they call “intimate cannabis oil.” Here at we generally prefer to smoke our weed, but if spraying it on your crotch is your thing… then I guess this product is for you!


Emerald Health

Emerald has the biggest selection of oils out of any LP on this list, with various types featuring different potencies and CBD:THC balances. Based on the West Coast like Tilray, that’s something to consider if you’re hoping for a shorter shipping time. Emerald Health have a federal research grant, so you can expect them to release more medically-oriented products in the future.

Ordering from Licensed Producers is a different process compared to ordering from a typical Canadian medical marijuana dispensary. There are hurdles, sure, but for some, the extra stringent product controls the LPs have in place will make it worth it. Give it a try, and see if it works for you!

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