The BEST Indica Strains of 2018 (and where to get them!)

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Weed is kind of like pizza… it’s good any time of day, and even when it’s bad, it’s still kind of good. That being said, indica-dominant strains tend to better in the evenings as they are usually more relaxing, and can give you that “couch lock” vibe. But not all indicas are created equal! That’s why we’ve picked out the six BEST Indica Strains of 2018, with a link to where you can purchase each one online.

Green Poison

At first sniff, you’ll get a floral, fruity aroma, then a powerful dose of relaxation and euphoria. The name makes it sound dangerous, but don’t be scared of this one. A few puffs and you’ll feel like everything is A-OK! Green Poison is commonly used for pain, insomnia, appetite loss and muscle spasms. It’s a little tricky to grow because it’s especially susceptible to fungi, which makes it somewhat rare. No problem though, you can pick it up at

green posion best indica 2018

King Louis XIII

Known as King Louis for short, everyone is trying to get their hands on this SoCal indica. It’s luxurious,and intense aroma set it apart from other strains. A cross of the classic OG Kush and extremely popular LA Confidential strain, handsome King Louis XIII buds are very potent and fast-acting. You almost never find King Louis XIII outside of LA, but luckily Green Society has managed to get their hands on some. Grab it before it’s gone!

King Louis XIII best strain 2018 indica

Bubba God

Super resinous, Bubba God will relax your muscles and blanket your mind with a dreamy euphoria. With clove, citrus, and lemon aromas, this one clocks in at 27.5% THC, so you won’t have any choice but to sit back, chill, and let the stress drift away. Pick up some Bubba God from Peak420.

bubba god peak 420 best strain 2018


This Canadian-bred strain combines genetics from Kish and God Bud. She’ll level you out and give you a sweet, peaty aroma. It’s strong, no doubt about that, but usually leaves you still functional enough to enjoy the company of friends or do some scrapbooking (because that’s what everyone does when they smoke… right?) Give it a try when you place an order at

nuken best indica 2018

Blackberry Kush

Even if you haven’t tried it, chances are you’ve heard of this strain, and that’s for good reason. It’s known worldwide for its heavily intoxicating effects and its unique kush and sweet-berry nose. Demand for Blackberry Kush is on the rise, and its popular with MMJ patients for its pain-soothing capabilities. Try it out from Green Society.


Blackberry Kush strain review 2018 best

Platinum Kush

You’ll find this cerebral and body-numbing strain in dispensaries all over the West Coast, and even in a few random outliers in Ottawa and Montreal. It has a sweet fruity and hashy aroma, with THC usually coming in around 18%. Overall, it’s an uplifting strain, but be careful, lots of folks say the paranoia shows up with this one. If you want to see what all the fuss is about (and trust us, you do), pick up an ounce from Peak420.

platinum kush peak 420 best strain 2018

Did we miss one of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

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