‘Sticky Buns’ Tahoe OG x Lambs Breath

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Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath Strain Review

Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath strain is a potent hybrid strain created as a phenotype of Sticky Buns Tahoe OG and Lambs Breath strain. An intensively pungent aroma spread in the air with a pleasant climb of fruity lemon and citrus. Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath strain has clusters of buds varying from small to large with a bright appearance of yellow-green colour. In colder climates, the strain buds are infected with anthocyanin, leaving the plant’s outlook having purple traces.

The genetic combination with Sativa and Indica increases the potency of this hybrid strain. Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath Strain starts with a transitional cerebral high effect that naturally sends you to a robust body melt. Smoking in a small dosage is enough to stir up the creative ideas in your brain, leaving behind a great focus and much of innovative ideas. Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath strain has a THC level of 20%, which induces the melting of the whole body, thereby paralyzing all the experienced tensions from any soreness. It encompasses 50% Sativa and 50% Indica.

This strain exhibits medical properties that usually put stoners in a healthy way of life. Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath strain lends you into the chill and relaxing activities. Some seasoned smokers also experience a healthy case of munchies preparing their minds for increased appetite. However, the crossbreed results in a heavy hybrid, that typically knocks you with sedating effects inducing a couch-lock to some.

Key Facts

  • Genetics: Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath hybrid is a cross of Sticky Buns Tahoe OG and Lambs Breath strains.
  • The High: This strain induces uplifting high cerebral euphoria. It knocks you hard in the head with a rush of the uplifting energy promoting mental stimulation and unparalleled mood boost.
  • Hybrid Ratio: Sativa 50%, Indica 50%
  • THC Level: 20%
  • Grow Information: Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath is a natural, easy plant to grow. It is cultivated in both indoor and outdoor environments. Around eight weeks after germination, or early October, this plant is already mature to harvest.


Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath Hybrid strain emits a sweet earthy, piney aroma with citrus hints. The scent spreading to the surrounding, leaving a lemon and grape feel, is a perfect companion for a group smoke session. There is also a juicy, earthy aftertaste upon exhale.

With significant genetic components, this strain drifts a cerebral high combined with a numbing body buzz, which comforts with a surreal feeling. The head rush effect induces users with a delightful atmosphere, flowing high to boost creativity and help in body relaxation. Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath targets both recreational stoners and cannabis, medical patient.


Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath strain is an herb with transitioning body effects. It starts slowly by creating an iconic pressure around the crown area of your head, imitating an exhausting feeling—cerebral effects then start to spike with a thorough comfort. Mental stimulation hits with a primary focus due to the ability of this Strain to stir up the creative juices present in the brain.

This strain kicks with high potency- effects knock your heads with a steady flow to your spine and thus melting the entire body. Its high is efficient to paralyze all your tensions experienced from soreness. This weed drives well when taken in the evening, assuring night rests that will suppress stress, anxiety and depression.

Grow Information

Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath Strain is a natural plant to grow. Its buds vary from medium to large and mature within eight weeks, although extending to the 9th week is recommended for maximal density harvest and weed potency. It thrives well in indoor cultivation but can grow smoothly in an outdoor setup with controlled, temperate climates.

Its plants are short and compact, with slightly higher yields. Outdoors harvests are ready in early October. The strain is a hardy bud resistant to diseases and hostile climatic changes.

Medical Use

Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath Strain depicts numerous therapeutic properties. The high, uplifting effect gives this strain ability to curb with mental health issues like bipolar, stress, mild anxiety and depression. However, induced mind focus effect, this weed can treat patients suffering from ADHD.

The simulation provided is ideal for appetite and digestion issues. It is also useful to alleviate associated symptoms of muscle pain and spasms. Mood enhancement can free your mind and solve insomnia issues.

Side Effects

Sometimes, Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath strain comes with relative adverse effects. In typical instances, taking this weed can leave you dehydrated causing dry mouth and itchy eyes. On rare occasions, stoners are met with slight paranoia. Mild headaches are common to novice users.


Finding a natural way to ease pressures after a long working day is a conventional medical practice. Sticky Buns Tahoe OG Lambs Breath is a hybrid strain that increase mental stimulation for an acute melting of the whole body. It gives a sharp mental relaxation, shifting your moods to paralyze the distress encountered. Every stoner should remain responsible during consumption to avoid excessive use.

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‘Sticky Buns’ Tahoe OG x Lambs Breath
‘Sticky Buns’ Tahoe OG x Lambs Breath
69.99 – $219.99
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