Second Chef’s Treats Review: Expertly Crafted Edibles

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Expertly Crafted and Scrumptious Cannabis-Infused Edibles

We love an online Canadian dispensary that specializes in what they produce best. For Chef’s Treats, they excel in expertly crafting the most exquisite, cannabis-infused edibles. In everything they do, you can see the passion, drive, and 20 years of experience from the chef who started it all.

In the past, we have already had the pleasure of reviewing Chef’s Treats, to check out our experience on those edibles, check out that review here. Chef’s Treats can be found on Instagram, here and should be considered one of Canada’s national treasures.

Today we are going to touch on round two of our experience with Chef’s Treats, with new edibles that pack a punch you could very well end up wanting to try for yourself at the end. Pay close attention throughout our review so you can snag a coupon code to enjoy some savings (or buy more!).

Cannabis-Infused Raspberry Chocolate Cups

The rich, creamy milk chocolate and pungently tart and sweet raspberry filling disguised the taste of cannabis completely for our first edible of this review. The Chef’s Treats raspberry chocolate cups have a remarkably appealing taste with a pleasant, though subtle, aftertaste that made you want to try just one more chocolate cup.

Cannabis-Infused Raspberry Chocolate Cups

The fresh, tangy and both slightly sweet and tart, raspberry feel really left the authentic, gourmet taste in my mouth, that indicated someone crafted these cups with care and attention. The way all elements played together in my mouth was incredible, with each bite accentuating the complexity of the seemingly simple, chocolate candy.

With each cup looking a little different, it was nice to see such a hand-crafted and genuine love-of-the-craft being implemented in each cannabis-infused treat. Though there’s a pleasant aftertaste, there’s also a sour note at the end; almost giving away the same taste as if sucking on a deliciously tart candy.

While these chocolate cups would prove to take one of the longest to kick in, it was also one of the most chill experiences out of all the edibles we reviewed. Mellow, yet strong and medicinal, this could be an ideal edible for someone with a chronic condition, that makes it tougher to get through the day. These artisan chocolate cups would also be beneficial as strong, therapeutic pain relief and are longer-lasting than traditional, inhalation methods.

Chili Pepper 100mg THC Berry Gummy

With the appearance of a brick Lego, this gummy-like, THC treat was a chewy snack that gave off the impression of both Chili peppers and sweet berries. Not overpowering, the candy did have some hot elements, that reminded me of cinnamon and spice. Furthermore, this scrumptious gummy had a sweetness that balanced the savoury spiciness usually associated with Chili peppers. A revolutionary type of edible, it’s a fun way to get your THC. The 100mg THC gummy was relatively small and easy to eat within just a few minutes.

Chili Pepper 100mg THC Berry Gummy

The effects hit me faster than most of the other edibles on this list; maybe it’s the Chili pepper berry gummy’s spicy addition; perhaps it was the high-fat meal I ate with the bite-sized wonder. Either way, the high hit me long and hard, lasting a good 6 hours before it started to slow down.

This edible was small, but it had a deliciously complex, refined and a surprisingly large flavour profile; making the small candy one of my all-time, very favourites. The juxtaposition of flavours was playful and presentation was expert.

Hazelnut 1,000mg THC Infused Spread

Just like Nutella, the 1,000mg THC-infused hazelnut spread tastes like the inside of a Ferrero Rocher candy. Exquisitely delicious, this could be used in the bedroom, just as easily as the kitchen! As far as a spread goes, we found it to be scrumptious on cookies, toast, and really anything else we could get our hands on that paired well with it. Incredibly versatile, the only danger to this hazelnut spread is the risk of eating too much of it!

Hazelnut 1,000mg THC Infused Spread

At 1,000mg of THC in the container, it’s easy to slip up with munchies and consume too much spread at one time. We recommend starting out low and slow and working your way up if you don’t feel at the level you want to be at, after about an hour and a half. Also have extra CBD handy, in case of over-exposure to THC edibles; as CBD will counteract the effects of the THC within minutes of using a sublingual CBD Spray (link).

After trying this spread across multiple, non-consecutive days, it seems to fluctuate with how long it took to kick in; sometimes it was only after about 45 minutes, while other times, it took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. After that, though, the high peaked at an accelerated rate that I rode on for an hour and a bit before it calmed down to a mellow and calm headspace.

South-Sea Blend – 500mg THC Syrup

South-Sea Blend – 500mg THC Syrup

Not the type of edible you would eat by itself, the Southsea Blend of THC syrup is an excellent way to get your medical dose into an already sweet dish. It is incredibly sweet, so it could be mixed into a variety of drinks, cocktails or recipes, depending on someone’s preference. It was also delicious in a fruity, tropical type of curry that we whipped together to try to find what goes with the syrup best.

Versatile for cooking by adding sweet elements of flavour, keep in mind just how strong such a bottle is. At 500mg in a single 30ml bottle, it was an incredibly potent edible that we were glad to try closer to the end of our review rather than the beginning. Moreover, we were possibly most impressed by how faint the taste of cannabis in the syrup was; even trying the syrup by itself, it could easily be mistaken for a regular syrup if not for the bottle.

Though the 500mg 30ml bottle is getting phase out, we look forward to trying Chef’s Treats new 100ml bottle as soon as they get released.

Green Apple 50mg CBD Gummy Treats

Green Apple 50mg CBD Gummy TreatsThese tart gummies were a CBD treat among all the THC goodies we got to try. The 50mg CBD gummy treats were green apple flavored; very tart, sour bites that left a strong sour aftertaste. The sugar coating across the outside of each gummy synergized perfectly with the sour tart taste; each flavor profile complementing each other ideally.

As far as texture, the green apple treats were slightly chewy without being too hard. An easy way to medicate throughout the day, there wasn’t any cannabis flavor mixed into the strong green apple tones. At just 50mg, this treat is ideal for someone looking to stay focused and productive while still maintaining relief from a massive variety of different symptoms.

Blue Raspberry 100mg THC Cold Drink Mix

THC molecules are typically only able to stick to fat cells. Through advanced nanoemulsion technology, however, the chefs at Chef’s Treats engineered a blue raspberry cold drink mix that can directly dissolve into water. At 100mg THC, the drink mix is one of the easiest ways to stay hydrated and get your dose of THC at the same time.

Blue Raspberry 100mg THC Cold Drink Mix

Likewise, because the cold drink mix has been emulsified to become water soluble, there are a few key benefits you can look forward to if you end up trying it out yourself. First, the fact that it’s water soluble means the THC molecules have been made smaller; this increases the bioavailability you absorb.

A higher bioavailability means you are consuming more THC rather than it passing through your body or metabolizing out. Moreover, THC molecules that are smaller are able to reach the endocannabinoid system faster. As soon as we added the blue raspberry drink mix to a regular bottle of water, shook, and saw it all dissolve, we knew we were in for a ride.

The taste is similar to the Blue Freeze flavor many are familiar with from famous sports drinks. One of the most delicious edibles we got to try, it’s a new take on THC-infused beverages that we believe needs more looking at. The effects hit you sooner, last longer, and seemed to be more intense since we were only trying a 100mg mix packet.

Overall, the blue raspberry 100mg THC cold drink mix is a perfect way to get that daily water you’ve been needing to even if you hate the taste of water.


Final Thoughts on Chef’s Treats

Chef’s Treats offered us some of the highest quality edibles in Canada; they truly mastered the art of infusing cannabis into edibles, both for CBD and THC treats. Each treat is extremely unique compared to the last, with the online dispensary overall never ceasing to amaze us. This is definitely going to be a go-to again in the future, and we recommend absolutely ordering from them.

Through the Chef’s Treats online dispensary, you get an idea of just some of the massive array of ways you can consume cannabis. We were able to discover a variety of new ways for this review, and there will almost certainly be more unique products the next time we want to do a review on them.

You can tell the master chef in charge of the dispensary is an expert at his own craft; emulsifying a cannabis product until it’s water soluble is no easy task, and they manage to pull it off like magic. Each of the treats we tried were delicious, meticulously crafted, and you could taste that they were made with love. We will be sure to try out Chef’s Treats again in the future; similar online Canada dispensaries pale in comparison.


Have you been wanting to try Chef’s Treats for yourself?


Check out the website here, their Instagram here, or you can tell us about your own experience in the comments!


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