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History of Hashish

Hashish has been consumed for many centuries; first in Egypt, spreading outwards throughout the old world. The first consumers of hashish ate it as an edible because smoking wasn’t popularized until the 16th century with the introduction of tobacco.

About’s Hashish

CannaWholesalers’s Mercedez Stamp Black Hash was a large, thick, chunk of dark brown and textured concentrate, that was also perfectly soft and pliable; as Afghan Hash should be. Furthermore, the texture of this alluring Afghan Hash was moist; but, slightly sticky; perfect for rolling, crumbling on top of a bong or even old school, between 2 knives (did I just age myself there?).

This indica dominant concentrate can test up to 55%. offers cannabis powerful enough to satisfy veteran and novices users alike! Hash is meant to be savoured for it’s aromatic and flavourful nature. And surely this Mercedez hash from CannaWholesalers was sweetly fragrant as soon as it arrived at my house; I quickly proceeded to rip into the package, so I could try my absolute favourite concentrate in the world (when its good ofc).

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When the Hashish was Combusted

When combusted, Cannawholesalers’s Mercedez Hash burned clean through to white ash. The smoke was rich, satisfying, smooth, both on inhale and exhale. In fact, this Afghani style hash was by far the best I had tasted in a long while. It was sweet; but not, too sweet and there was a tannic oakiness to the flavour, that built the longer you smoked it, into a mind-melting, savory experience that could only be described as having a rich, flamboyant and full bodied, dessert after dinner.

Moreover, this sweet, woodsy and aromatic concentrate quickly delivered powerful, full body sedation that embraced me like a warm, soft and fuzzy blanket. My muscles relaxed, my pain eased and my mind softly and gently calmed and stilled; reducing anxiety and melting away stress. The high was soft and fuzzy; it did not overly sedate and tasted and smelled beautiful. I was blown away by how pleasurable the body high was and I didn’t even remember laying my head down on the pillow.

Hashish is the most popular way to consume cannabis on the African, Asian and European continent; North America is behind the curve on this measure. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when this afghan style hash arrived; $99/oz was an incredibly low price point for hash and I was quite concerned about the quality.

I quickly discovered that CannaWholesalers’s Mercedez Hash will become a new regular purchase for me. Honestly, at $99/oz, I want a few more; good thing CannaWholesalers’s has a bulk discount and a QP of this hash is only $380.

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