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RuntzStrain Information
Are you tired of skunk weed? Are you not a fan of diesel-powered strains? If so Runtzis the right strain for you. This strain was inspired by the candy of the same name, The Candy. RuntzThe strain is a premium, balanced hybrid that delivers a delicious, candy-like taste. Enjoy a high-quality, premium Craft Cannabis strain that will enhance your candy skills and delight your tastebuds.
Appearance, Flavor, and Effects
A combination between the two famous strains of Zkittlez and Gelato, this strain’s genetics speaks for itself. Its name is innocent and child-like but the high it delivers is nothing short of amazing. With an average THC content of 24-29%, this strain delivers a rich, euphoric head high and a clam, soothing body high that’s perfect for everyone.
To truly appreciate the things you love RuntzTo understand what this strain brings to the table, let’s start with its appearance. This strain was named after the candy of the same name. Its appearance is strikingly reminiscent of the candy. While the buds themselves are dense and sticky, they’re mostly small and popcorn weed-like in appearance. Some varieties can grow quite large depending on their phenotype. Visually, this strain can produce some amazing hues.
Tokers will notice different shades of green or brown on the surface. However, look a little deeper and you’ll be able to see shades of purple weed as well!
Secondly, we’ll move on to this strain’s flavour and aroma. This strain smells almost like candy, as you might guess. For more information, please visit the RuntzThe aroma of the strain will be strong and reminiscent of tropical fruit, candy, and pineapple. On the tongue, there are hints of spice as well as sour berries. All in all, this strain’s terpene profile is sure to please.
We move on to the effects. While it’s hard to believe that such an innocent-sounding strain can deliver such a strong cannabis experience, RuntzThis strain is not your ordinary one. This strain is magically active just a few minutes after the first hit. Its cerebral effects kick in almost instantly, delivering a tingly, cerebral head high that simultaneously calms and uplifts. Once your mind feels happy and content, the high will spread downwards throughout your body.
You’ll feel each limb release tension as you slowly slip into a deep and relaxing couch lock. Tokers can expect these effects to last for at least a few hours, thanks in part to this strain’s high THC content.
This powerful and potent effect is unmatched. RuntzIt is also a good choice for medical patients. It can be used to treat anxiety, pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and even anorexia.
Enjoy this premium, candy-like strain before it’s gone. Get Craft Cannabis today!
RuntzMedical Benefits
Pain, Appetite Loss, Anxiety

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