How To Roll An Amazing Joint

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We’ve all been there; a large party situation or a kick-back with your closest friends and no one knows how to roll an amazing joint. Wouldn’t you want to be “that” person, that all your friends look up to when it comes to rolling a joint? It’s time to break out of the mould and outshine your friends with your new joint rolling skills, by following this guide.

Never will a gathering lack a professionally rolled joint that not only burns evenly but is a work of art, after you’ve practiced these straightforward steps.

Why it Matters to Roll a Perfect Joint

Some are satisfied with poorly-constructed joints that stop burning a quarter of the way through and others don’t mind the lack-lustre design of machine-rolled joints. Since the subtle art of rolling joints has been disappearing over the years, why does it matter to know how to role an amazing joint?

An Even Burn

The highest enjoyment of smoking a superb joint is taking a long and smooth drag. The smoke fills your lungs with hardly any effort and you don’t need to worry about re-lighting it after each puff.

When you don’t correctly grind the cannabis to a uniform shape, some bits and pieces end up being larger than others. This unevenness leads to a break in the ember, which doesn’t transfer over as the joint burns down. What happens next is what the vast majority experience: you go to take a drag and nothing happens. This is because the joint is no longer lit due to a poor rolling job.

To avoid this, an even grind and proper rolling technique must be employed to create cohesion within the joint. This harmonious cohesion allows for the ember to continue to burn until the joint has been smoked entirely. This evenness enables you and your friends to never re-light the joint during the entire session, thus avoiding multiple party fouls.

Besides the ember maintaining a continuous flow, there’s also the problem that arises when a joint burns unevenly. This is a common problem found with most hand-rolled joints, where one side is burning, and the opposite side is left untouched. This is known as canoeing the joint. This makes for an awkward situation and even worse – wasted weed. Usually, this unburned marijuana is left dangling and will potentially fall out of the joint and onto the floor.

There’s nothing worse than wasting cannabis, especially if it’s top-shelf quality. This is why maintaining an even burn is essential when rolling a joint.

Making Your Cannabis Last Longer

Poorly-rolled joints will burn your marijuana far faster than a professionally rolled joint. This is because sloppy joints have air pockets throughout, which leads to an increased flame that will rapidly burn through your joint.

Alternatively, a high-quality joint will burn evenly, which will feel like an eternity after your second or third hit. There’s no comparison between a professional joint and one from an amateur. As we’ve already pointed out, cannabis isn’t cheap, so you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, and rolling a top notch joint will allow for this.

Quality of Material Countsperfect joints

When you’re about to buy your necessary supplies for your next cannabis session, you should focus on high-quality materials. The cannabis flower, joint paper, filter tips, and grinder should all be professionally produced so you can roll the perfect joint.

Cannabis Flowers

Sometimes, you can roll the most amazing looking joint, but it fails once it’s lit. Why? The problem is most likely the quality of your cannabis. Not all marijuana buds are created equal, so it’s essential that you always purchase cannabis that’s not dry or crumbly. Your marijuana should always have a small amount of moisture that has a pungent aroma.

Overly dry cannabis flowers burn quickly, which is the bane of every joint smoker. You want marijuana that’s sticky to the touch that doesn’t break apart when pressed. Properly dried and cured marijuana flowers will burn evenly and maintain an endless ember within a joint.

Rolling Paper Material

Besides what you put into the joint, it matters what you roll it with. There are endless brands that offer papers that are bleached, unbleached, hemp, rice, wood pulp, flax and cellulose. You want a rolling paper that won’t take away from the natural flavours found within your cannabis. This means you always want the most natural type, which tends to be made from hemp or rice.

Hemp and rice papers are known to burn smooth, evenly, and slowly. These factors, paired with high-quality cannabis and proper joint rolling technique, will produce a crowd-pleasing joint that’ll elevate your status as the de-facto joint roller in the group.

Filter Tips

Even the filter tips matter! For those of you that don’t know, tips are the end-piece where you inhale from that keep small particulates from being inhaled. These also create a sturdy piece to hold onto when you’re getting close to the end of the joint.

Without these small but essential tips, you’ll be left with using a roach-clip, which has become incredibly outdated.

High-Quality Grinder

The grinder that you choose is of the utmost importance. Grinders are responsible for shredding your cannabis in a uniform way, which is essential when rolling joints. A grinder that is capable of grinding at least 1-gram is necessary, especially when you’re rolling large or multiple joints.

Make sure the grinder you choose has multiple compartments, especially a lower section that catches all of the kief. This kief can then be sprinkled into your joint as an added bonus.

Joint Rolling Tray

Rolling a joint on your lap or on a messy kitchen counter isn’t ideal. Now, joint rolling trays keep your weed within reach and easily accessible. These trays come in all sizes and are convenient to travel with when you find yourself on the move.

How to Roll an Amazing Joint in 5 Easy Steps

Now that you know what’s needed to roll the perfect joint follow these steps to get started.

Step 1best joint

Gather all of your materials. Begin by grinding the necessary amount of cannabis into a fine and even consistency. Place your marijuana onto your joint rolling tray along with the joint rolling paper and filter tips.

Step 2

Construct your filter tip. Tear off a sheet from your filter tip booklet and create “fins” in the shape of w’s. Do this halfway, and once you’ve reached the middle point, begin to roll it. This way, the fins will be locked inside the cone. The fins act as the particulate barrier while the cone acts as the structure of the filter tip.

Step 3

Now, place the paper with the glue side facing up. Next, pinch your cannabis and evenly spread it across your paper. Leave the exact amount of space at the end for your filter tip.

Step 4

Pick up the paper that contains the cannabis and filter tip and use both hands to pinch each side so that you don’t lose anything. Slowly and firmly press down the ends and begin to move your finger across the entire length of the joint. You want to firmly press down to make sure there aren’t any notable air pockets.

Now, gently tuck the paper into the filter tip side first. By doing so, you’ll roll the joint into a cone shape. Follow the line you’ve created from tucking in the filter tip side first, and begin tucking in the paper as you move from left to right or vice versa (depending on the side of your filter tip).

Once you’ve covered the cannabis by tucking in the paper, use your thumbs and index fingers to roll in the rest of the joint. This will take practice, but with practice comes perfection.

Step 5

Now that you’ve nearly finished rolling your perfect joint lick the gum side of the paper and seal it. Voila! You’ve just completed your first joint. If you’ve considered every aspect besides the rolling technique, your joint should be incredible from start to finish.


Now that you have the perfect technique for creating the most amazing joint, all that’s left to do is practice. The coordination is not easy at first, but with some effort and dedication, you will soon amaze your friends and family with your new and useful skill!

Get practising and let us know how you do in the comments! Do you have great hints and tips on rolling the perfect joint? Please let us know by posting below in the comments!

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Bud

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