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Canadians looking to order cannabis online use our site every day to find the best mail order dispensaries in Canada. 

DispensaryGTA has become the #1 site in Canada for authentic mail order dispensary reviews. Our goal at DispensaryGTA is to ensure that every Canadian has access to quality medication at affordable prices. 

After the Canadian government legalized the use of cannabis in 2018 there has been a flood of new mail order marijuana dispensaries, all claiming to have amazing products. We’ve been doing this long enough to know that the varying quality across different dispensaries can be very confusing to people looking to begin ordering their cannabis online.

Our website exists to do the hard work for you; we examine products from all the reviewed dispensaries on our website and carefully curate a frequently updated list of the best dispensaries in Canada.

MOM Dispensaries?

Online mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensaries are all about saving you time and money compared to shopping at a brick-and-mortar dispensary. With brick-and-mortar dispensaries charging an arm and a leg for your weed, mail order marijuana is the new way of receiving quality cannabis and huge savings at the same time. Whether you are a medical or recreational user, without a doubt, when you know the right places to order from with DispensaryGTA, mail order marijuana is the best way to order your medicine. 

Authentic Online Dispensary Reviews

Our team at DispensaryGTA has been using mail-order dispensaries for years and we have the inside scoop on where you can get the best quality products. Don’t waste your time with trial and error on dozens of different dispensaries, take advantage of the reviews and recommendations on our website and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the dispensaries we recommend.

DispensaryGTA has reviewed a lot of dispensaries over the years and we stand by our frequently updated recommendations. We allow only the highest quality dispensaries on our top dispensary list who are fulfilling orders and shipping impressive cannabis products reliably every day.

Over the years, DispensaryGTA has developed reliable reviewing methods that we use to vet the products and services offered by online mail order marijuana dispensaries. Our process has been tweaked and perfected over the years to bring you the most reliable reviews.

Our process involves analyzing their website, ordering process, packaging, product quality, and customer service. We go through the ordering process ourselves and analyze the cannabis products after we receive our order for every single dispensary we review and we always test the customer service without warning to check their efficiency. 

Our website exists to ensure that you can easily choose a dispensary that will deliver you affordably priced quality products that will blow you away. 

There’s not much we haven’t seen in the MOM space at this point, and we are using this fountain of mail order dispensary experience to help readers like you decide where to place your next order. Whether you’re a regular MOM user or new to the mail order marijuana space, we’re here to offer guidance with our helpful informational articles and honest reviews. 

Upholding honesty and integrity in our reviews means everything to us here at DispensaryGTA, which is why we ensure that every review that we do is based on real products sent from each mail order marijuana dispensary

Discover New Products and Discounts with DispensaryGTA

The mail order marijuana space is quickly evolving. Gone are the days when your only option for getting high was rolling a joint. For this reason, DispensaryGTA is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest new products that are being launched every week from brands like Boost

With DispensaryGTA, we hook you up with great coupon codes for the best dispensaries in Canada. We work hard to bring you exclusive discounts and deals to the highest quality dispensaries in Canada. We have partnered with the best dispensaries in Canada to make ordering mail order marijuana even more affordable by offering exclusive coupon codes to the majority of the places that we recommend. 

Quality Information

In addition to sorting through the mail order marijuana space and letting you know about the best dispensaries in Canada. DispensaryGTA also works hard to bring our readers quality informational articles whenever we have a spare moment. We are always following the latest happenings in the fast-growing Canadian mail order cannabis world and love to bring that information to the readership of our site.

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