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Superb service and great quality cannabis products:

The first thing we noticed about this dispensary was the affordable pricing, but then we saw the 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, and we knew for sure that has been doing a great job keeping their customers happy.

 So we dug deeper to figure out whether their services matched what we were seeing online.

This is the review of our experience with and the products that we received:

Who is is one of the dispensaries that is currently being spoken of very positively in the MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) community due to their quality and dedication to customer service.

They truly care that their customers are receiving the very best quality cannabis and they ensure that every part of their process, from the moment they order their products from the growers to placing their items inside boxes to be shipped out, is approached with an eye to quality so that every customer that orders with is happy with the items they receive. 

Website Experience

The website design looked great and the green-themed website is appealing to the eye and will make you comfortable clicking page after page as you look for new products to try. The clean design and clutter-free look go a long way in making a great first impression. 

It is easy peasy searching for specific products, thanks to a responsive menu at the top that is static on all pages with no spammy links or ads, just useful info that guides you as you look around. 

One thing that we loved on the website is a blog section with several valuable cannabis topics. So if you want to learn something new about using dabs or their other topics, that is a great section of their site to check out.

Order Process

After going through the different product pages, we settled on three products; one flower, one concentrate, and an edibles pack. When we checked out, we had one method of payment which was email money transfer which is typical for many MOMs.

We noticed quickly that has great shipping options available:

You have the standard, expedited shipping by the dispensary that takes anywhere from 1 to 8 days, depending on your location. And that is free for orders above $99. 

What if you are out of your reserves (it happens) and you need your shatter ASAP? With, you can opt for an upgrade with the XpressPost service, which makes the delivery come much faster, for just $8 extra.

Our order arrived in four days (we decided to forego the upgrade). We loved the vacuum packaging that is moisture and damage-proof and we had no complaints about their timely and accurate delivery of the items we ordered.

Our review of’s products:

Island Pink

The “Island” name of this strain comes from it being a favourite on Vancouver Island and “Pink” reminds you of its pink pistils that are covered by delicious frosty crystals. 

Island Pink from Togoweed

Island Pink

The Island Pink strain from is a cross between the Pink Kush and an unknown Indica leaning hybrid. This strain packs a fantastic mix of earthy, sweet flowers and a great diesel aroma. The nugs were well cured and packed airtight, making them easy to work to grind up and smoke well also ensuring they were incredibly fresh. 

Island Pink gives a nice relaxation that takes over your whole body, thanks to its dominant Indica characteristics. We loved the uplifting experience that leaves you feeling great.

 Togo AAAA Shatter

There are some great reasons why we chose Togo AAAA shatter. First, it is made in-house by the dispensary and they have taken the time to ensure its quality.  The dispensary claims to have state-of-the-art equipment and refined processing techniques. Well, this is nothing short of the truth, as we found out. 

The shatter comes in three measurements; 7g, 3g, 28g, 1g, and 14g. makes the concentrate in five different strains which give you variety when it comes to taste, aromas, and effects.

Island Pink from Togoweed

TogoWeed House Shatter

 You can choose from:

  1. Rockstar (Indica)
  2. Gorilla Glue (Hybrid)
  3. LA Cherry Haze (Sativa dominant hybrid)
  4. Tom Ford (Indica)
  5. Atomic (Indica dominant hybrid)

The shatter provides a clean burn, great potency, and a sharp flavour. Ours was the LA Cherry Haze, and the cherry flavours are to die for. The shatter hits smoothly, giving you instant warmth and fuzziness. It is very potent and will leave you melting into your couch. Overall, we enjoyed the body calm and mind relaxing effects.

Milk Chocolate Shatter bars.

Do you dislike the taste of weed in edibles? The Milk Chocolate Shatter Bars by Euphoria Extracts is all you need. It features tasty chocolate edible bars that make it easy to dose your THC with no taste of cannabis.

milk chocolate shatter bar from togoweed

Chocolate Shatter Bar

 Each chocolate bar is made of 24 pieces, and it has its THC content measured and indicated individually and for the whole bar.

There are three potencies for these milk chocolate bars.

  1. 11.42mg per piece
  2. 20.02 per piece
  3. 50mg per piece

This chocolate bar comes as either Indica or Sativa.

We found them to be hard hitters with a great milk chocolate taste that reminded us of the candy bars we used to eat when we were kids.

Should I place an order?

We loved every part of the experience and we encourage our DispensaryGTA readers to check them out.

Their service is unique and superb, and they have some really great quality products

In our opinion is definitely worth ordering from the next time that you need to restock your supply! logo

Create a free account and remember to grab the 3.5g with coupon code: FREE8NEW

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