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Pure Green Express is a Vancouver based MOM dispensary with several years of combined experience.  They are dedicated to providing their patients top quality, safe and reliable cannabis products at affordable rates. This MOM hand picks their cannabis to ensure their customers only receive the most exceptional, top-shelf buds.  

Pure Green Express provided a tracking number and the shipment arrived within 4 days of the order taking place. The order was discrete, professionally packaged and would fit in a standard mailbox. All products were weighed and accurate.

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Cannalope Haze [ps2id id=’cannalope’/]

Upon inspection, Cannalope Haze had large, densely compacted nuggets that were incredibly well cured. The buds were a laurel green colouration, with bright, fiery orange hairs throughout. There was a sweet, alfalfa-like fragrance; when ground up, the sweet smell transformed and a fruity essence was added to the aroma profile.

Cannolope Haze

Cannalope Haze

When combusted, the smoke produced was smooth, light and had a strong, earthy flavour. The earthiness carried on as a heavy aftertaste and an arid, dry sensation settled into our senses. The smoke felt slightly harsh on the back of the throat; be sure to have plenty of water on hand!

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the aroma was inoffensive and very subtle, it left a very slight and pleasant odour in the air. This almost pure sativa hybrid strain has a complex flavour profile that had a sweet, earthy and an herbal spiciness that was similar to a fine cigar with the complexities and pleasantness of the vapour.       

Cannalope Haze produced a heavy body high that was very relaxing and calming without the sedative effects traditionally associated with such a potent strain. This makes Cannalope Haze a great daytime strain that can be used to combat fatigue, muscle aches, strains and pains. Cannalope Haze also increased appetite; ideal for those that suffer from appetite loss.

Holy Grail [ps2id id=’holy’/]

Upon inspection, the medium-sized nuggets were coated in white, microscopic, crystal trichomes. The buds had a dirty, olive green complexion that was speckled with orange hairs. The aroma from the Holy Grail strain was pungent and earthy.

Holy Grail

Holy Grail

When combusted, the smoke was bold, dense and had a strong citrus aroma and flavour.  The smoke was extremely smooth; the hit almost felt as though we were vapourizing instead of combusting.

When vaped, the vapour had a rich flavour profile that included an earthy, leathery, citrus profile that tasted far better then described (we promise!). The complex flavour lasted long after the hit was completed and persisted on becoming a pleasant reminder of the complexities Holy Grail offered.

Holy grail allowed us to become focused, relaxed and calm. A euphoric, creative energy washed over us and we were able to get many tasks accomplished. This high quality hybrid is perfect as both a day and a nighttime medicine, as it truly does mix the best traits of both indica and sativa.

OG Kush [ps2id id=’ogkush’/]

When we opened the ziplock, a potent, earthy; deep boreal forest aroma erupted from the bag. Strong undertones of pine were also evident. The medium, light green nuggets had a light dusting of beautiful, crystal trichomes. OG Kush from Pure Green Express was beautiful, fresh and impeccably well cured.

OG Kush

OG Kush

When combusted, our senses were overwhelmed by the earthy flavour and aroma. The smoke produced was bold, rich and dense; this strain does tickle the throat during combustion, so have plenty of water on hand!

When vaped, the vapour produced was light, airy and incredibly flavourful; the woodsy and pine flavour were more apparent and the aroma and flavour were definitely enhanced by vapourization.

The high from OG Kush was almost immediate with a very pleasant body high as well as an uplifted mood, feelings of relaxation and euphoria. This hybrid is almost an even 50/50 sativa/indica split and was for the most part enjoyable – until I had an unfortunate case of paranoia; so be advised that this strain can produce those feelings with certain individuals.

Godzilla Blood [ps2id id=’godzilla’/]

Upon inspection, the Godzilla Blood strain from Pure Green Express had medium and small, lime green nuggets covered in a heavy dusting of large, crystal trichomes. The aroma of the nuggets was pungent; with an incredibly fresh scent that waifed through the air. The buds also contained a fair amount of resin; be sure to have a good grinder with this strain!

Godzilla Blood

Godzilla Blood

When combusted, a pungently sweet, earthy aroma filled the air. The smoke produced was voluminous, rich and dense; the flavour was shockingly tart and spicy. The smoke produced was silky smooth on inhale. On exhale, this strain left a slightly metallic aftertaste in my mouth.

When vaped, Godzilla Blood’s tart flavour profile was amplified; reminiscent of Sour Patch Kids candies. There was still a spicy element to the vapour, which gave this strain a complex and transformative flavour profile; making it a hit here at DispensaryGTA!

The high from this nearly 100% pure indica strain felt very sedating at first, followed by a focused, creative euphoria that kept us relaxed and calm for hours! This strain is renowned for its long lasting effects and we here at DispensaryGTA can confirm this. Godzilla Blood also helped with moderate pain, and can be used to treat a variety of medical disorders including stress, loss of appetite, depression, and/or anxiety.  

Gorilla Glue #4 [ps2id id=’glue4’/]

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4

 When we opened the bag, the medium, densely compressed buds of Gorilla Glue #4 were coated in sticky, gooey resin. The nuggets from Pure Green Express were incredibly fresh and potent smelling. The buds had a laurel green hue with light, orange coloured hairs throughout. The bud’s aroma smelled sickly sweet of gasoline.

When combusted, there was an incredibly earthy and pungent fragrance in the air.

The earthy aroma carried into the flavour of the smoke. The smoke was velvety smooth and this potent strain had us couch locked and spacey.

When vaped, Gorilla Glue #4 produced dense clouds of vapour that resembled smoke in opacity. The earthy, pungently sweet flavour and aroma hung around both in the air and as an aftertaste long after the hit was completed.

This indica dominant strain was powerful and sedating. The high was immediate and some users may find this strain too strong. We advise novice users to use caution with Gorilla Glue #4 if in public; as this strain is sure to leave novice users couch locked indefinitely. Gorilla Glue #4 is the perfect accompaniment to combat insomnia, depression, anxiety or appetite loss.    

God’s Green Crack [ps2id id=’godsgreen’/]

God's Green Crack

God’s Green Crack

God’s Green Crack is an equal hybrid strain that combined the powerful sedative qualities of God Bud and crossed it with the energetic sativa strain Green Crack. Upon inspection, God’s Green Crack had large, dense and compressed nuggets; the strain had an olive green complexion with a slightly purplish hue underneath. There was also a generous coating of crystal trichomes on the buds. The aroma was earthy with strong hints of potent pine.

When combusted, God’s Green Crack had strong pine flavourings that remained long after the bong was completed. The smoke produced was incredibly smooth; we highly recommend this rare and highly sought after strain if you are a smoke connoisseur.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, this strain’s flavour profile evolved and although the earthy, pine flavour was still apparent; a refreshing and invigorating citrus flavour burst through our senses. The vapour produced was dense; resembling smoke in opacity. There was a sweet fragrance that hung in the air, even after the hit was completed.

The high from God’s was phenomenal. This strain produced euphoric and happy feelings as well as a deeply internal sense of calm. This strain also helped with focus; however, it was also a very potent strain that produced sedation when smoked in larger quantities.

Novice users should be aware of this highly potent strain and use caution with God’s Green Crack until its effects are known. This rare hybrid would be a great any time of day strain and Pure Green Express offers unbeatable, high quality bud.     

God Bud [ps2id id=’godbud’/]

God Bud

God Bud

God Bud is an indica dominant hybrid strain that had a deep, emerald green colouration with dark, purple undertones. The medium and small buds packed an earthy, sweet aroma that was intensified when the bud was ground up. There was a generous scattering of frosty, crystal trichomes littered across the bud.

When combusted, God Bud produced rich, intense and dense plumes of smoke. The smoke was reasonably smooth, with only a hint of a tickle in the back of my throat on exhale. The aroma was sweet and pleasant; with a slight hint of a tropical flavour underlying the earthiness.

When vaped, the vapour was dense; however, the clouds dissipated quickly. The vapour left a pleasantly sweet fragrance that lingered in the air. The flavour of the vapour from God Bud remained earthy with hints of tropical.

The high from God Bud from Pure Green Express was relaxing and sedating. This strain produced euphoric cerebral effects with a heavy, pain-relieving body high. There was definitely a bit of couch-lock associated with this strain; however, it also produced feelings of happiness and relaxation. This indica dominant strain would be a perfect nighttime strain after a long, hard day.  

Pink Kush [ps2id id=’pink’/]

Pink Kush is another heavy hitting indica with a powerful, pain-relieving body high. Some say that this strain can be overpowering but we believe it is among the best indica strains for more experienced users. Although this strain takes a lot time to flower, it’s buds are worth the wait. The large and medium, well cured, densely packed nuggets were a jade green colouration with purplish, pink hairs scattered throughout. There was a fresh, herbal aroma from the dense little buds.

Pink Kush

Pink Kush

When combusted, this strain produced a rich, dense and silky smooth smoke that had sweet, floral notes. We greatly enjoyed the smoke produced by this strain and found it to be a very smooth and refreshing smoke on both inhale and exhale.

When vaped, the vapour produced was reminiscent of fresh flowers and it retained a sweet aftertaste that lingered in our mouth. Pink Kush also had an herbal flavour with a slightly earthy aroma and flavour.  

The high from this strain was phenomenal and we were immediately taken aback by Pink Kush’s heavy, hard hitting body high. This strain has many medical uses and was very useful for chronic pain and anxiety. I felt the need to sit back in my chair as I was overcome with a sense of calm and relaxation. This is one of DisensaryGTA’s favourite indica dominant strains and the flower delivered by Pure Leaf Express will not disappoint.

Cannatonic  [ps2id id=’cannatonic’/]

Cannatonic is a strain that has been developed for it’s high CBD content (usually around 6-17%) and it’s low THC content which is rarely above 6%. This is a cross between MK Ultra and G13 haze. Widely regarded as one of the best medical strains out there, this strain is often used to treat chronic pain, muscle problems, anxiety and migraines.



Upon opening the package, we were hit with earthy tones and a slightly citrus scent. This strain had large, dense nuggets with orange hairs throughout. Cannatonic was very satisfying to grind up and produced a fine powder that was perfect for smoking and vaping.

When combusted, Cannatonic produced a thick, dense smoke that was smooth all the way down. It’s a bit of an odd sensation to smoke a marijuana bong without the psychoactive effects of THC; however, I could still feel a deeper sense of relaxation once the bong was consumed.

When vaped, I immediately felt my body begin to relax and a soothing calm came over me. The vapour was robust, rich and resembled smoke in opacity. This sativa dominant hybrid strain would be the perfect daytime strain as it was non-sedating and it will not impair your judgement. The incredibly high CBD content of Cannatonic melted our pain symptoms quickly and efficiently.

Canna-tonic was a strain that; for the most part, would appeal to medical users. These patients are treating specific illnesses and conditions that require high CBD; without the psychoactive effects of THC. Pure Green Express delivered high quality, high CBD bud that was incredibly well cured and fresh.  

Blueberry [ps2id id=’blueberry’/]



The medium-sized nugget of the Blueberry strain was dense, compressed and was covered in large, frosty crystal trichomes. The bud had a subtly sweet fragrance and had a jade green colouration; with deep purple undertones and a sizable amount of fiery, orange-red hairs.

When combusted, this indica dominant hybrid produced smoke that was light, smooth and airy; there was absolutely no harshness on inhale or exhale. The aroma produced was sweet and inoffensive, and there were hints of a blueberry aftertaste.

When vaped, the Blueberry strain earned its name! The sweet, almost overwhelming flavour of Blueberry pie exploded very pleasantly in my mouth. The vapour remained light, airy and smooth; it dissipated quickly, but a sweet, floral fragrance lingered somewhat indefinitely. We highly recommend Blueberry from Pure Green Express for vaping enthusiasts.

A relaxed, euphoric calm swept through us as Blueberry’s seductively sedating high took hold. This strain eased aches and pains as well as providing a deeply introspective high. Do not expect to be the life of the party as Blueberries effects will help calm the nerves and relax the mind. This strain is a great night time strain and will also combat insomnia.

Rainbow Jones [ps2id id=’rainbow’/]

Rainbow Jones

Rainbow Jones

When I opened the ziplock from Pure Green Express, an herbal spiciness waifed into my nostrils. The laurel green bud had a deep, rich, orangey-red hairs that contrasted nicely against the light green. The large and medium-sized bud were both fresh and well cured.

When combusted, Rainbow Jones’ spicy, herbal flavour was very powerful and pleasant. The fragrance of the smoke was slightly pungent; yet the smoke was smooth on both inhalation and exhalation. There was a spicy aftertaste that lingered long after the bong was completed. Rainbow Jones has a unique flavour profile on combustion and we highly recommend this strain for smoking enthusiasts.

When vaped, Rainbow Jones smacked our senses and it almost felt as if our sinuses had been cleared. Vaping intensified the unique, spicy and herbal flavour and made this strain incredibly pleasurable to both combust and vape (a rarity, at least for me).  

Pure Green Express’ Rainbow Jones is an indica dominant hybrid that produced uplifted feelings, a talkative euphoria and a deep full body relaxation that melted aching muscles. Despite being an indica dominant hybrid; the high of Rainbow Jones was not sedating. To the contrary; we felt focused and calm, which makes this strain a great daytime strain and a potent strain for medical users.   

King Bubba [ps2id id=’king’/]

When we opened the bag, we were hit with a fragrance that was reminiscent of deep woods. There was an earthy, almost musky component, as well as a sweet, pleasant, grassy undertone that reminded me of playing in the woods as a kid. King Bubba’s large, densely compressed nuggets had an olive green complexion with golden-orange hairs sporadically spaced throughout the trichome-rich covered bud. When the bud was ground up, a pungent, earthy odour erupted into the air.

King Bubba

King Bubba

When combusted, King Bubba was a bit harsh on inhalation. The aroma was pungent and strong; the smoke produced an arid dryness in my mouth in addition to it having a strong, earthy flavour with a hint of a spicy undertone.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour produced was thick, dense and heavy; the vapour resembled smoke in opacity. This indica dominant hybrid had an incredible spiciness to it that cleared our sinuses. The flavour of the vapour also had a leathery component; which added to the experience of the vape. We highly recommend King Bubba as a potent medical strain or for vaping enthusiasts looking to experience a high quality, knock-out indica strain.

The high from King Bubba is notorious for its sedating effects. We were not disappointed with Pure Green Express’ impeccably fresh, well cured and high quality bud. King Bubba hit quickly and hard; we were relaxed, calm, euphoric, pain-free and couch-locked. This potent strain also treats medical conditions such as, insomnia and appetite loss. We recommend novice users use precaution until effects with King Bubba are known.   

El Chapo [ps2id id=’el’/]

El Chapo

El Chapo

The pungent, earthy and pine aroma of El Chapo attacked our senses as soon as we opened the bag. The medium sized buds were a deep green/jade colouration. This distinctive looking strain had tiny, crystal trichomes throughout and was covered in a fine, sticky grey resin.

When combusted, El Chapo had a silky smooth inhale deep into our lungs as a wave of calm enveloped us. The smoke produced was light, airy and we feel strongly that this was one of the smoothest strains we’ve ever had the pleasure to combust here at DispensaryGTA.

When vaped, the vapour produced was bold and packed rich earthy flavours. There was also an under-hint of a floral, herbal aroma and taste and the herbal flavour lasted as a pleasant reminder of the hit we just consumed.

Make sure to vape El Chapo at the end of the day, as it is highly sedating. I found myself glued to my bed after consuming this highly potent strain, and found it very difficult to finish my summeration of points meant to be used for the writing of this review. The strain creeped up on me and the effects felt heavy and body-consuming. We recommend novice users use extreme caution when using this strain for the first time. This strain is the perfect accompaniment for evening use.

Pure Green Express’ full service approach towards their customers was apparent from our very first interaction with them. All the flowers sent from this MOM dispensary were superb; Every flower was individually hand picked to ensure the customer received the utmost freshness and highest quality. Regardless of what your condition is, Pure Green Express stands ready to assist you.With their huge selection, competitive prices and quick delivery, Pure Green Express competes aggressively with their competition.

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