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Widespread reports of scams with this MOM. We recommend choosing a trusted MOM from our recommended dispensaries page.

Netweedz is an up-in-coming MOM dispensary with a huge variety of cannabis products at very competitive prices. This MOM dispensary is an avid supporter of the cannabis community and their goal is to make this “miracle plant” available to as many Canadians as possible. They offer a sizable amount of high-quality flower, concentrate and edibles. They even offer wholesale prices for customers looking to stock up and buy a lot of product at once.

Netweedz sent the package in a timely manner, and the order arrived in four days. All products were weighed and were accurate. The package was professionally packed, discreet and fit in a standard size mailbox, so no lining up at the post office!

If you were ever wondering if mail order is safe to order, Netweedz has their customers covered in their FAQ: “For Canadians, this isn’t an issue. Domestic mail is not searched and does not have to clear customs. Postal laws prevent anyone from legally opening your mail. This is why we ship with Canada Post, and not a private courier”. As it is illegal to open and search other people’s mail, and Canadian domestic mail is not searched; it would be highly unlikely that anyone would suffer as a result of ordering from a MOM dispensary. Unfortunately, this also means there will likely never be international customers (but YAY for Canadians!).

Remember to use Coupon Code “GTA10” for 10% off your order.

And now we head into our review of the edibles, concentrates, and flowers from Netweedz :


Pure by Little Farma 60mg THC Distillate Dark Chocolate Orange 

Please see our article on edibles, to get a comprehensive guide to edibles.

I first sampled Pure by Little Farma 60mg Dark Chocolate Orange; which was gluten-free, organic, GMO-free and also solvent free. This delightful bar was easy to divide; each bar had six 10mg pieces.

orange dark chocolate

PURE Dark Orange Chocolate (60mg THC)

The bar itself was incredibly smooth, with a dark, milky chocolate that melted slowly in my mouth. The chocolate wasn’t too sweet (which is how I personally prefer it) and it was reminiscent of Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange (which is a tradition in my household at Christmas). I must admit; the bar received a slight advantage because it gave me warm and fuzzy feelings since I love Christmas so much!

Pure by Little Farma 60mg THC Distillate Dark Chocolate Mint 

The next bar I sampled was Pure by Little Farma 60mg THC Distillate Dark Chocolate Mint. I ate these beautiful little bars in tandem; however, I do not recommend that for the normal consumer of cannabis edibles, please see our guide.  

PURE Dark Mint Chocolate

PURE Dark Mint Chocolate (60mg THC)

I do not usually like mint chocolate; however, this pleasant tasting bar by Little Farma changed my mind. The mint chocolate was reminiscent of the After Eight chocolate sticks, but not as sweet. The bar was melt-in-your-mouth smooth, and I can’t mention enough that the bar tasted lightly sweetened; which is such a pleasant change from the sugar-laden cannabis products that some edible companies offer. Pure by Little Farma clearly strives to serve a health-conscious customer, and Netweedz provides reasonable prices for an incredibly health-conscious product.

I started feeling the high from these incredibly tasty treats one hour and ten minutes after consumption. There was a pleasant body high, as well a total feeling of relaxation, calmness and a slight euphoria. The bars had absolutely no taste of cannabis (yay! THC distillate) and these bars would be perfect for users that need to dose discretely, accurately, and users that dislike the taste or smell of cannabis.


Little Farma Labs West Coast Sour Diesel (Sativa) Shatter  

West Coast Sour Diesel (Sativa) Shatter

When we opened the well packaged little ziplock, we were punched with the pungently sweet aroma of Pure Farma Lab’s vacuum-purged shatter. The shatter was high quality, honey-golden in colour and was translucent. The aroma had a chemical/diesel fragrance and this is what West Coast Sour Diesel is famous for.

When vaped with the Atmos Jr. , the vapour produced was voluminous, light, airy and incredibly smooth. There was little to no smell left in the air; unlike combustion, because the vapour dissipated quickly. The taste had a citrus flavour, and the diesel remained as a sweet undertone. Again, unlike combustion; this strain’s flavour did not taste overwhelmingly of diesel (which; in my opinion, was a good thing!).

The high from Little Farma Labs West Coast Sour Diesel was a powerful, daytime medication. This strain produced creativity, productivity and a happy and focused energy that lasted quite a while. This sativa dominant hybrid produced no feelings of paranoia; unlike many other sativa-rich strains. This concentrate is perfect for medicinal users and can alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, nausea and appetite loss. We did experience a far amount of dry mouth, so have water or another healthy drink on hand!

Little Farma Labs Cherry OG (Hybrid) Shatter  

When we unbagged the sweet-smelling shatter of Cherry OG by Little Farma Labs; we were met with a subdued, sweet and herbal aroma and a translucent, honey-amber, thin slab of shatter.

Cherry OG (Hybrid) Shatter

Cherry OG (Hybrid) Shatter

When vaped with the Atmos Jr., the vapour produced was dense and had the pungent aroma of diesel. There was an earthy spiciness to the flavouring of the vapour; which made this Cherry OG shatter incredibly pleasurable to smoke. There was also a slightly sour aftertaste to the vapour, and I could taste a tiny undercurrent of the diesel, but it was not overpowering.

Cherry OG boasts a near perfect balance between indica and sativa; which delivered an indica-like full body, euphoric high as well as an uplifted mood, creativity and mental acuity; usually associated with sativa strains.

Netweedz delivered high quality, vacuum-purged (winterized), premium nug run shatter made from top strains at extremely reasonable prices at $45/gram!



The potent, powerful aroma of Rockstar punched us in the sinuses. This spicy, herbal and skunky variety was highly pungent and well cured. The bud had an olive green complexion and had a voluminous amount of golden-amber pistils. There was also a sporadic, fine dusting of tiny, crystal trichomes littered throughout the buds.

Rockstar (Indica Dominant Hybrid)

When combusted, this indica dominant hybrid produced smoke that was bold, spicy, rich and had a throat and lung afterburn that was uncomfortable and then pleasant as the high quickly kicked in. There was a slightly sweet, spicy, herbal and pleasant aroma that lingered in the air long after.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour had a spicy heat and an earthy, herbal flavour that was a soft, subtle undercurrent. The vapour was dense; yet smooth and seductively easy to chain pull.  

The high of Rockstar was relaxing and calming; this strain would be perfect for medical users who suffer from anxiety or depression. The high had both heavy full body effects; as well as a focused cerebral experience and the Rockstar hybrid seemed well balanced and was incredibly pleasurable to both vapourize and combust. We highly recommend Rockstar from Netweedz today as they have impeccable flower quality and affordable, reasonable prices.

Lindsay OG 

The large, densely compressed nuggets of Lindsay OG were a mixture of laurel and olive green and had orange pistils scattered sporadically throughout. Lindsay OG had a strong, earthy aroma; coupled with a deep woods, forest smell on a warm, dry, sunny day. The fragrance was quite pleasant and the bud was incredibly well cured.  

When combusted, this sativa dominant hybrid produced copious amounts of smoke and left a distinctive and spicy aroma in the air. The smoke was silky smooth; it also had a distinctive flavour, mixing an earthy spiciness that was incredibly pleasant; even long after the hit was completed. We highly recommend this for smoking enthusiasts!

Lindsay OG (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

Lindsay OG (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

When vaped, there was a tart, sharp flavour with strong earthy, spicy overtones. The vapour produced was medium bodied, airy and dissipated quickly with almost no odour.

Lindsay OG originated in British Columbia and is named after a town in Ontario with the same namesake (without the OG ofc). It placed 2nd in a competition with some of B.C.’s finest strains and Lindsay OG is derived from OG Kush genetics; except Lindsay OG has a higher sativa/indica ratio at 75:25 and 14-21% THC level.

The high from Lindsay OG was focused and energetic with bursts of creative moments; furthermore, it was calming, non sedating and a perfect daytime medication. Many report this strain to be an indica dominant hybrid; however, they are incorrect. We would recommend this happy and euphoric strain to novice and experienced users alike as vaping and combusting were such a flavourful and pleasant experience.    

We highly recommend Lindsay OG  from Netweedz as they’re flower prices are incredibly competitively priced and they have high quality, impeccably cured buds.   

Ghost Train Haze 

Ghost Train Haze (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

When we opened the ziplock, an earthy, slightly sweet and herbal aroma erupted from the bag. The large and medium, densely compressed nuggets were covered in a generous, frosty layer of white crystal trichomes. The beautiful nuggets were myrtle green; with deep purple undertones and bright, fiery orange pistils.

When combusted, Ghost Train produced a light, airy and refreshingly smooth inhale. The flavour was rich; with an herbal sweetness that lingered in my mouth long after the hit was completed. The smoke produced a pleasantly sweet and herbal fragrance that dissipated quickly.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour produced was copious, dense, fragrant and had floral undertones. The earthy, sweet flavour still remained; but wasn’t as apparent as it was as a fragrance. The vapour dissipated quickly and left a slightly sweet odour in the air.  

The high from Ghost Train was incredibly powerful with a whooping 27% THC level, but not sedating. This sativa dominant hybrid produced a euphoric, uplifted, creative and nervously energetic high that had us productive and efficient for hours. This strain is not recommended for novice users or users that tend to feel anxiety or paranoia; as this strain can amplify those feelings.

Netweedz is a new, up-in-coming MOM dispensary that strive to make cannabis accessible to every Canadian. They are avid supporters of the cannabis community and have some of the best quality of cannabis products around.

We would love to see more of a selection of edible products in Netweedz’ inventory and more of a permanent marker on the sealed baggies as the names rubbed off near the end from touching the bag; however, that is nitpicking and we wanted more edibles from Netweedz because the products they did have were superb, health conscious and affordable!

Use Coupon Code “GTA10” for 10% off your order.

Interested in ordering from Netweedz? Then check out their website and let us know what you think of them in the comment below.

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