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cannacured best online dispensary 2023 Producing Some of the Purest Cannabis Concentrates in the Industry!    

Whether you’re looking for a distillate, shatter, crumble or even, an edible that packs an incredible punch, FantomXtracts makes sure they’re providing the best experience possible. This forward-thinking, Canadian company uses only the C02 extraction method; which is one of the cleanest and purest extraction methods in the industry today.

Moreover, this innovative and costly method acts similarly to a solvent at certain high pressure points and temperatures, creating one of the purest extracts available; without the harmful solvents used in other, cheaper concentrate extraction methods.

Furthermore, FantomXtracts also uses only the highest quality, Quad (AAAA) marijuana buds, to ensure only the highest calibre of weed concentrates are produced in their high-tech facility.

With all this hype, I was eager to try out FantomXtracts for myself. I’ve always been a fan of a good and potent concentrate, so I decided to sample a plethora of various extractions from their most popular selections. I sampled a variety of delicious and flavourful extractions, ranging from shatter, crumble and tasteful waxes. I even got the chance to sample an edible gummy! Let us dig into how FantomXtracts compares with other weed concentrate brands throughout the nation.

Before I start, keep in mind that I used a standard, dab e-rig to smoke each concentrate and got to try out and compare my new Carta Focus V portable dab unit, to the PuffCo Peak Smart Rig. Stick around to the end, we have a coupon code and I’ll reveal which portable dab rig swept its competition away. MOM Promo Code for FantomXtracts: GTA15 for 15% Off

Blue God Honeycomb Crumble  (Indica 80%/Sativa 20%)

An infamous strain known for its narcotic and sedative-like properties; Blue God, from FantomXtracts, was a delicate and scrumptious-looking honeycomb crumble, that truly looked gorgeous.

Blue God Honey Comb fantomxtracts

Made only from top-quality, quad (AAAA) cannabis, it was an extract with deep roots in its indica lineage. The gram I received resembled a small chunk out of a bee hive, with delicate and hexagon-shaped miniature caverns, stacked ontop of one another, in perfect unison.

However, if you happen to suffer from trypophobia (the aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes), FantomXtracts’ light, honey and straw-coloured honeycomb crumbles may not be right for you, as their concentrates are a perfect example of quality-looking honeycomb.  

When I dabbed Blue God with my e-nail, I got a blast of blackberry or blueberry, followed by a muted sweetness and a smokey, earthy undertone that washed over my tongue and left a reserved, subtle and soft aftertaste.

A delicate fragrance also filled my nostrils almost immediately; a woody, earthy aroma that overwhelmed my senses, followed by an annoyingly, slight spice, that had multi-layered and complex flavour profile, as it settled in my airways.

Moreover, the plume of vapour that was released from my lungs filled the room with a musky fragrance, even though the vapour dissipated rather quickly, as usual. The subtly sweet and musky aroma hung around, even after I finished my session, seducing me to sample again.

When vaped out of the amazingly portable, Carta Focus V, the berry flavour was far more pronounced. The earthy and musky undertones were still very present, but there was also a more prominent woody flavour, that harmonized and highlighted the star, the muted and previously, understated blueberry.

Moreover, the Carta Focus V created cool, moist and incredibly smooth hits; with enormous vapour clouds, that shocked me the first time I used it. This incredibly effective and innovative portable unit delivered consistently cool and perfect puffs.  

Dabbing FantomXtracts’ Blue God Honeycomb Crumble was an incredibly pleasant experience. From start to finish, from e-rig to portable rig; Blue God remained smooth, with a complex and multi-layered flavour profile and a delicate, crumbly texture that was easy and a pleasure to dab.

As far as effects go, Blue God was an ideal nighttime strain because I was floored by its indica properties (especially after it seduced me to another session). A more psychedelic and trippy high; rather than, an introverted or cerebral, head (think too much) high, Blue God was excellent when viewing optical illusions, movies or even, listening to music. Although I felt sedated, things seemed crisper, food tasted amazing and I enjoyed everything I tried, before passing out.

Other effects included a beautiful, warm, full-body, relaxed feeling, that slowly spread throughout my muscles, like there were healing and invisible hands, that were tenderizing my sore and tired muscles. I awoke from my, Blue God-induced, deep-sleep slumber feeling fully rested and pain-free, a rare occurrence.

Blue God Honeycomb Crumble, from FantomXtracts, can also be used to help treat a number of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): insomnia, loss of appetite, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, chronic pain, muscle tension or muscle spasms, migraines, multiple sclerosis, opiate addiction and recovery, Parkinson’s disease, inflammatory diseases, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Granddaddy Purple (GDP) HoneyComb Crumble (Indica 70/Sativa 30)

I have always been a fan of a good GDP variant, as it’s chronic pain reliever, powerful muscle relaxant and it’s always had the right amount of hypnotic and sedative qualities, perfect for my tastes.

I was eager to try the light beige coloured, Granddaddy Purple HoneyComb Crumble from FantomXtracts and as another knockout indica, I saved this one for the next evening after the first, heavy-hitting and ‘godly’ experience.

Granddaddy Purple Honey Comb

Thicker than Blue God, the moist and lightly tanned, GDP HoneyComb Crumble looked like a miniature meteor extracted and mined for my pleasure. All trim was left out of this crumble, extracted from the highest quality bud the industry currently has to offer.

When dabbed with the e-nail, the sweet undertones of a high-quality, GDP strain were immediately evident. I also noted the prominence of the grape flavour; but also, other subtle berry flavours that synergised and enhanced the experience.

Furthermore, the aroma contained a seemingly roaming, lingering woody pine fragrance, almost covered by a spicy earthiness. With a pleasing mouthfeel, I found myself inhaling the sweet berry, piney and grape vapour concoction far more than I should have, if I am being completely honest. The smooth and pleasant vapour invited me back again and again and I was too weak to say no to such a pleasant and relaxing experience.

When vaporized with the Carta Focus V, I was surprised that the spicy aspect of the crumble  was far more prominent than before. It took on a flavour of its own, dancing across my tongue like coriander seeds in a delicious dish. The woody and earthy aroma that was experienced with the dab rig took a backseat, lingering in the background, still there, but muted. Overall, it was a highly relaxing and enjoyable experience, that had me contently puffing on my Carta for the rest of the night.

Granddaddy Purple HoneyComb Crumble delivered an almost instantaneous, deep sense of calm and relaxation, that set the tone for the rest of my high. I could feel its strong Indica lineage through the heavy, muscle-melting and blissful body high I experienced. I was happy I decided to plan this one out in the evening, just like Blue God, as it sent me to a comatose, body-regenerating slumber in no more than a couple hours after heating my first dab.

Moreover, this delectable and delicate crumble can also be used to help treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): glaucoma, acute and chronic pain, Parkinson’s Disease, nausea, depression, migraines, inflammatory conditions, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, appetite loss, opiate addiction and recovery, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Sour Jack HoneyComb Crumble (Sativa 70%/ Indica 30%)

An sativa dominant hybrid, Sour Jack can leans heavily into its sativa heritage, with enough balancing indica traits, to help temper the worst qualities of hard-hitting sativas. Moist, tiny hexagonal circles, stacked row upon row; the lightly, tanned-coloured substance was as easy to handle, as it was easy to vape. Largely smelling of fresh, disinfecting lemon, with slight hints of diesel, I was highly anticipating this daytime vape.

Sour Jack Honey Comb fantomxtracts

When dabbed with my e-nail, inhaling FantomXtracts’ Sour Jack at first, left me feeling as if my very nose hairs shrivelled and flinched away apprehensively, as an eye-watering and sinus-clearing gas washed shockingly through my senses.

After I had acclimatized from the shock and awe of the diesel; foremost, there was a refreshing lemon flavour and a subtle, earthy sweetness, that tempered and balanced the mad flavours; wildly flailing, vying for attention within my senses.

When vaped with the beautifully portable, Carta Focus V, Sour Jack delivered a hard punch, with just one hit. I suspect the ice cold hits from the Carta allowed the diesel to be muted as an afterthought, filling the room with the aroma more than it filled my tastebuds (thankfully) with that diesel flavour.

After my session, the high blissfully whisked me off with an intense, cerebral high, which allowed me to reach a focused and mindful state of mind. I also experienced the mildest of sound hallucinations, highly enjoying the music I had chosen to work to. Sour Jack left me feeling productive and focused, it has quickly become a favourite morning go-to; or alternatively, a late afternoon pick-me-up.

The low CBD level of the plant hampers Sour Jack from being completely effective as a medicinal pain reliever; however, this honeycomb extract can still be used to help various conditions and symptoms, such as: ADHD/ADD, PTSD, fibromyalgia, fatigue, depression and other mood disorders (as directed).

Blueberry Domina Diamonds (Indica 70%/Sativa 30%)

A cross between Blueberry and Black Domina, the Blueberry Domina Diamonds from FantomXtracts was a dark, rich and luxurious brown and viscous substance. As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and I couldn’t wait to sample the highly sticky, solventless concentrate.  

Blueberry Domina Diamonds

When dabbed with the e-nail, there was an herbal aroma that burst from my lungs, filling the air around me, after I released the inhale. One-part earthy, one-part berry and one-part herbalcent; it had a smooth mouthfeel that went down easy and did not burn my throat, a characteristic I rarely get to experience.

When dabbed with the Carta Focus V, the sweet and delicate berry flavour became the star of the show. There was a bit of a learning curve; in regards to, the handling and loading of the sticky and viscous diamond wax into the small, ceramic chamber (Hint: It involves two dab tools and alcohol wipes for sticky fingers). Evening and harmonizing the multiple, competing and feuding flavours; there was a silky soft, earthy bitters and subtle musk flavour, that enhanced the precious and delicious sticky diamond extract. I took clean hits that went down easy and filled my lungs with impeccably elegant and exquisite flavours.

My favourite in a packed crowd of worthy and well-respected contenders, FantomXtracts’ Blueberry Domina produced a beautiful mind and body high, immediately, after only one dab.  The powerful effects washed over me like rays of sunshine flowing through my body.

The effects and high from the potent cannabis diamonds extract was perfect for those moments when you want to rest and relax, but don’t have the energy or the mindset to grant the relaxed mindfulness you are seeking.

Blueberry Domina Diamonds would also be ideal for helping with a number of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, glaucoma, migraines, chronic pain, inflammation, opiate addiction and recovery, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Pink Kush Diamonds (Indica 90%/Sativa 10%, 20% THC, 1% CBD, 1% CBN)

A powerfully potent, THC-a diamond, Pink Kush is rumoured to have one of the purest forms of THC available. The gram I got for this review looked like its own little planet, filling the container with bright honey and darker splotches of amber, creating a semi-viscous, optical illusion.

Pink Kush Diamonds (1 gram)

When dabbed with the e-nail, I noticed a pleasant, earthy and sweet, lingering aftertaste, that stayed with me long after I had finished sampling the exquisite diamonds. FantomXtracts’ Pink Kush Diamonds solventless extract also mixed sweet blueberry, with a hint of sharp pine and a touch of gas; producing one of the world’s purest, cannabis diamond extracts. This is in addition to Pink Kush being a national award winner, as one of the most potent cannabis strains currently available.

The vapour effortlessly soared deep into the recesses of my lungs, making contact with long forgotten areas. The fresh, piney, sweet and fruity amalgamation of flavours coalesced into a single, beautiful mouthfeel of smooth vapour, that continuously begged to be sampled.

When dabbed with the Carta Focus V, the fruity flavour remained a steadfast companion; however, there were subtle, soft and spicy undertones, that I had not identified or isolated previously. Everything hit my lungs without effort, sliding down my throat with ease and the cooling vapour soothed.

The effects were sudden and swift. Pink Kush Diamonds from FantomXtracts delivered a hypnotic, full body relaxation; as well as, a giddy and uplifted mood, followed later by a warm, body-wrapping sedated and secure feeling, that allowed me easily to drift off into dreamland.

Additionally, this strain may be able to help with a multitude of symptoms or conditions, including (but not limited to): appetite loss, insomnia, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, inflammatory diseases, Parkinson’s Disease, fibromyalgia, opiate addiction and recovery, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Purple Urkle Shatter (50% Sativa/ 50% Indica)

A famous strain with a complex history, Purple Urkle is from California, derived from a variation of Mendocino Purps. The essence is supposed to be a blend of fresh grapes, berry, and most evidently, skunk.

Purple Urkle Shatter

When dabbed with the e-nail, the skunk aroma and flavour was powerful and a little overwhelming on the first inhale. Be sure to have a beverage handy when dabbing this shatter! There were also hints of a sharp, pine woodiness and a herbaceous aroma emanating from the gorgeous, delicate, and translucent, fiery-amber shatter. The berry-grape fragrance was subtly reserved, overwhelmed by the skunk, but steadfastly remaining in the plethoral undercurrent of aromas.

When dabbed with the majestic Carta Focus V, I was pleasantly surprised when the skunk aroma and flavour became somewhat more reserved and seemed to fade into the background. The berry flavour became the star of the show, giving off succulently sweet flavours of rich blackberry, grape and currants. A smokey-sweet and pine-woodiness filled the air around me; the fragrance was pleasantly reminiscent of deep-forest camping.

FantomXtracts’ Purple Urkle Shatter was an evenly balanced hybrid, but I would say it leans more heavily on the indica side of the spectrum. The shatter provided me pain relief; as well as, a full body, total muscle relaxation and a good night’s sleep. However, this strain did not seem as ‘heavy’, in regards to the indica high, as some of the other delectable extracts I have tested in this review. For some, this indica-leaning strain may be a good choice for an afternoon session or two, although most would probably prefer to leave this strain to nighttime use.

In addition, Purple Urkle Shatter can be effective in relieving symptoms and may help to manage certain conditions, including (but not limited to): insomnia, appetite loss, glaucoma, inflammatory diseases, fibromyalgia, opiate addiction and recovery, nausea, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Gram’Pa Bear 1000mg THC

As I already mentioned, I saved the Gram’Pa 1000mg gummy bear for last – and I am glad I did. With a massive, 1000mg THC, it packed a massively powerful and potent punch, recommended especially for those that have severe, chronic pain or a high tolerance to THC.

Gram’Pa Bear 1000mg THC

Made from Grand Daddy Purple Shatter, the marvelously large and thick bear had a subtle pineapple or mango flavor; a fruity, delicious and only a slight, sweet flavour that was teasing in its muted exquisiteness. It was a good gummy; it covered up the taste of cannabis almost completely, so I only got a hint of the powerful shatter, that the bear had hidden in its gelatin goodness.

FantomXtracts recommends eating one and then waiting to feel the effects before eating more. I would recommend to go even slower than that and cut the bear up into, at least halves, to divide the dose to 500mg pieces each. The bear is massive; I had to sit down with it and it took me a while to get it down, as the jellied bear was so massive.

I have slipped up one too many times and eaten an edible that sends me over the edge, so I was prepared to be patient this time around and I had CBD handy; the cannabis edible ‘overdose’ antidote, in case I slipped over the edge again.

The gummy ended up hitting me quicker than most edibles do, though this could be due to the fact that the edible was made with shatter instead of flower. Regardless, the potent high I received was well worth it.

This would be the perfect edible gummy for someone who has built a higher THC tolerance. The gummy stimulated my appetite, acting as a well-dosed bear for over 8 hours of beautiful, pain relief and a relaxed and calm demeanor.

Furthermore, Fantomxtracts’ Gran’Pa Gummy Bear can be effective in relieving symptoms and may help to manage certain conditions, including (but not limited to): appetite loss,  insomnia, glaucoma, chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, severe acute or chronic pain, cancer, opiate addiction and recovery, inflammatory diseases, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

More About FantomXtracts

An incredibly innovative and forward-thinking, Canadian cannabis concentrate company; produces some of the purest and most potent cannabis concentrates available today. The complex C02 extraction method plus the quad buds they use as a base; produces exquisite cannabis concentrate products, that retain their complex terpene profiles, unlike some of the other methods out there.

Plus, this up-in-coming cannabis brand has free shipping over orders of $125. Our package was packaged expertly, with everything undetectable in its vacuum packaging. Moreover, their pricing was very reasonable, considering the calibre of the product.

All products are easy to order on’s website. From rosin, crumble, oils, hash, honeycomb or shatter, FantomXtracts is an industry leader for exquisite cannabis concentrate extracts.

It was exciting to get to review a company that has so many quality potent products. I am used to at least reviewing one flower strain, so getting paired with these high THC concentrations made for a fun week. I was pleasantly surprised that each strain was powerful and pungent, though they each took on their own unique flavors and effects. In the future, I look forward to trying out more products from this quality extraction brand.

I also promised a comparison between the Puffco Peak and my new baby, the Carta Focus V. Basically, from everything I have tested, the Carta Focus V is a similar machine to the Puffco, except the Carta improves on every single complaint I didn’t even know I had yet with the Puffco Peak. From the removable and replaceable batteries, to the angle of the glass, and even to the choice between quartz or titanium chambers, the Carta Focus V won in every category, hands down. My only complaint is that there are not a lot of options online for Canadian consumers, but I hope that changes, as more people discover the majestic beauty of the Carta Focus V.  

Before I forget! Last but not least, all new users can receive a 15% off online mail order coupon code to use store-wide.

Use “GTA15” today to receive 15% off your first order and tell us what you think of FantomXtracts concentrates. Please leave a detailed message below in the comments and enjoy the dabs!


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