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FADED Cannabis Co. is small, craft concentrate and edibles producer located in Vancouver, British Columbia. This Canadian company was established with the intention of providing the highest-quality medical marijuana options for their patients.  

From edibles to concentrates, FADED Cannabis Co. ensures that only the top of the line ingredients and flowers are used in their products. This commitment to excellence and superior, quality bud, ensure that this craft, cannabis concentrate producer only delivers the most potent and pure, cannabis-infused products available.

Upon inspecting, we found Faded Extracts to have an extremely tasteful and good looking, marketing and package display. We believe this company will last and that their products speak for themselves.  

Faded Extracts Shatter – Jack Herer (Sativa)

One of the first things I noticed about Faded Extracts, Jack Herer Shatter from Green Society was the attractive labelling and packaging. The design is minimalistic; enough to survive Canada’s strict guidelines on cannabis, but still is appealing and charming on the eyes. The labelling was also on point; having the company name and logo clearly printed, the strain name and the traits associated with the strain.

Jack Herer (Sativa) Shatter

As I opened the package, the golden honey colouration of the shatter shone back at me. The product was translucent and was crystal clear. It smelled of lemon and citrus, with earthy hints and an oaky, woodiness.

I enjoyed breaking apart the pull and snap texture from this concentrate and inserting it into my beloved Zeus Thunder 2. When vaped it produced nice and thick clouds of vapour that were satisfying and smooth, on both inhale and exhale. The vapour also had a zesty citrus spice flavour and a counter-balancing, musky, earthy woodiness.

This potent, and well known, sativa dominant hybrid concentrate, increased my creativity and I found many tasks more enjoyable while vaping this strain of shatter. Jack Herer by Faded Extracts provided an uplifting high that promoted getting things done around the house and was an incredibly potent sativa shatter that did not cause paranoia.

This daytime strain can be used to help treat a number of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to); fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, nausea, PTSD, ADHD, appetite loss, pain, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Faded Extracts Shatter – Ice Wreck Shatter (S 50/I 50)

The Ice Wreck Kush Shatter by Faded Extracts had a glassy appearance; having a golden-amber colouration that glistened in the light. It was easy to break apart with it’s pull and snap texture and made it easy to place smaller dabs into our Zeus Thunder 2. The aroma was herbal and sweet; with traces of an earthy, dry wood and a musky scent.  

Carried by Green Society

When vaped, the vapour was satisfying; producing dense, rich and thick clouds of vapour that dissipated quickly. The aroma was heavily earthy, with a slightly sweet and skunky odour profile. The flavour of the vapour; on the other hand, contained a sweet, dry woodiness and a subtle, sweet herbal flavour, that lasted long after as an aftertaste.

Ice Wreck, a balanced hybrid, was a strain worthy of its namesake! This strain was potent and hit me fast and hard, producing a talkative, happy, uplifted and cerebral high; before couch lock and sleep hit me hard. This potent shatter, supplied by Green Society, should not be used by novices or beginners; as this strain could overwhelm inexperienced users.   

Furthermore, Faded Extract’s Ice Wreck Kush Shatter can be used to help treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, including (but not limited to); insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, migraines, glaucoma, inflammatory diseases, chronic stress, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Faded Cannabis Co. – Sour Suckers (150 mg) and Peach Drops (150mg)

Please see our detailed edibles section for a comprehensive guide of the right way (and the wrong way) to experience edibles.

Every sweet candy from Faded Edibles was inspected and it was ensured that each cannabis-infused edible was accurate and reliable. The candies I tried were Sour Suckers (8 pieces) 150mg and Peach Drops (8 pieces) 150mg.

Peach Drops 150MG THC

Peach Drops (8 pieces=150mg THC)

Faded Cannabis Co.’s  Peach Drops were a hit! These sugar-coated, delicious gummies did not taste of cannabis; however, they were a harder type of gummy and these gummies slowly dissolved.

Moreover, the flavour of the exquisite little candies was similar to Peach Fuzz candies; although, I thought the flavour was more reminiscent of Peach Schnapps liquor. The only difficulty I found was only having one; be careful if you are newer to edibles, as I found these scrumptious little pieces held quite the punch!

Furthermore, these delicious gummies were hands down, one of the best cannabis-infused gummy candies I have had, in regards to dosage. The Peach Drops kicked in at approximately the 1 hour mark and brought a full body buzz that eliminated pain. The cannabis-infused Peach Drops also produced relaxation, calm and a cerebral mindfulness that kept me grounded.

Sour Suckers (8 pieces = 150mg THC)

Faded Edibles Sour Suckers, distributed through Green Society; were a sugar-coated, cannabis-infused, hard gummy candy, that had an exquisite sour candy taste when dropped into my mouth.

Each little appetizing candy has nearly 20mg THC, a nice dose (usually) for someone starting out on edibles. The gummies were a harder gummy type candy and my only complaint was that it took me a little time to consume the entire bag of candies.

Sour Suckers 150MG THC

Moreover, these powerful, delightfully sour treats were felt around the 1-hour mark and like the Peach Drops; tested above many other edible companies with regards to dosage. The high from Faded Edibles Sour Suckers was one of total relaxation, a strong body buzz and long-acting and potent pain relief.  

Furthermore, both the Peach Drops and the Sour Suckers can be used to help treat a host of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): insomnia, chronic pain, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, inflammatory diseases, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).  

Faded Edibles clearly strived to ensure each piece was accurately dosed. These edibles have given me hope, as my last couple experiences in the cannabis-infused candy department have been lacklustre.     


Faded Cannabis Co. delivered when it came to high-quality product and packaging that demonstrated their commitment to quality. This company takes what other companies have developed; as far as, quality and branding, and refines it, in order to provide only the top quality product to their valued patients.

This prioritizing of their customers and product, sets this concentrate and edibles focused dispensary, apart from the competition. With their slick black packaging, their product stands out without appealing to those under 18 and following closely to Canada’s recommendations about limited advertising.

We believe that this new concentrate and edibles company will be a big hit amongst Canadians and we have been privileged to bring you one of the first OnlyGas reviews of this new quality cannabis producer. We recommend you place an order today at Green Society and try some of these new, exciting marijuana products for yourself!

This link takes you to Green Society where you can purchase the entire line of products

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