Chef’s Treats Review: Chef Crafted Cannabis Infused Edibles

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Chef’s Treats is an online Canadian dispensary that produces cannabis infused edibles. This dispensary was started by a chef with over 20 years of experience and it shows in everything that they do.

This dispensary is in a league of its own when it comes to its commitment to quality and the refinement of its products. One can tell that time and thought was put into every single one of the products produced by this mail order edibles dispensary.

We believe that all of our readers at DispensaryGTA should give Chef’s Treats a try for yourself so be sure to pay close attention to this review.

This will be the first of a number of posts about this incredible, edibles focused, dispensary.

Peach Space Bear – 500mg

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When I first saw the gigantic soft gummy, laying on the table; it was almost as if it beckoned me over, trying to seduce me into slowly taking off its packaging. The gummy Peach Space Bear from Chef’s Treats was made from shatter and massively dosed at a whopping 500mg of THC.

This gummy should only be used by experienced users; as the amount of THC in this candy will produce unsavory and undesirable effects in novice users not accustomed to such a strong dose.

Furthermore, if you do want to try this massive dose of THC, I would also recommend that the user has a bottle of emergency CBD spray handy to spray sublingually (underneath the tongue) in case those undesired effects rear their ugly head. CBD will help counteract the effect of THC and resolve any negative effects felt from an overdose of THC.

500mg Peach Space Bear

Now that the PSA’s are out of the way, time to talk about the edible itself. Chef’s Treats produced a massively strong 500mg THC Peach Space Bear gummy that was sugar-coated, delicious and mouthwatering. The Peach Space Bear reminded me strongly of Peach Schnapps, as the flavor of the peach in the gummy was very vibrant and potent.

The potency and taste of the Space Bear by Chef’s Treats

Moreover, although the candy was extremely potent, I could detect no cannabis taste within the sweet treat. It took me quite a bit of effort since the candy was so large and thick, but I managed to finish the enormous Peach Space Bear in one sitting (Do not eat edibles like this unless you are experienced). I sat back, impatiently waiting for my stomach to digest the tasty treat and absorb the THC goodness.

1 hour and 25 minutes after consuming Chef’s Treats massively dosed 500mg Peach Space Bear, I began feeling a gentle tingling in my tongue; that spread, and produced a dry, arid sensation in my mouth that lasted the rest of the high. Be sure to have plenty of water or another healthy beverage on hand.

Furthermore, the high produced was long-acting, with a strong full body relaxation and a cerebral mindfulness, that kept me grounded. The Peach Space Bear from Chefs Treats took away all of my pain; as well as, producing strong audio and visual hallucinations. There was a point I thought I may have overdone after eating regular food (eating food will help strengthen the high, not weaken it)  and became nauseous; but that resolved quickly.

In addition, the high lasted for approximately 7 hours. This is incredibly good for medical patients that need long-acting THC; such as, for pain control or epilepsy. There are also many other conditions and symptoms that could benefit from a Chefs Treats edible, such as (but not limited to): inflammatory diseases (Crohn’s, IBS, arthritis), fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, nausea, glaucoma, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Chef’s Treats, Peach Space Bear, was a delightfully tasting and incredibly powerful medication. The gummy delivered an accurate and reliable cannabis dosage that lasted far longer than traditional pharmaceuticals would; using an all natural substance that does not cause addiction.

Smarties Chocolate Bar – 200mg

Chef’s Treats Smarties Chocolate Bar was another exquisitely made, delicious and perfectly sweetened, THC medicated edible. The chocolate bar was a melt in your mouth, rich, milk chocolate, that I thought tasted similar to the milk chocolate found in a Kit Kat Bar.

Smarties Chocolate Bar by Chef's Treat Edibles Dispensary

Smarties Chocolate Bar by Chef’s Treat

The Chef’s Treats chocolate bar also had appetizing, mini smarties scattered throughout the bar, giving the bar some contrasting textures of chocolate; making a symphony of juxtaposing textures and flavors that all perfectly complemented one another.

Moreover, this chocolate bar had no taste of cannabis associated with it, as the candy bar was made with infused distillate. Chef’s Treats Smarties Chocolate Bar was also a potent cannabis edible, being dosed at 200mg THC.

I started feeling the high from Chef’s Treats Smarties Chocolate Bar one hour and fifteen minutes after consumption. There was a pleasant body high, as well as, a feeling of total relaxation, calmness, and a slight euphoria. The delectable chocolate bar had absolutely no taste of cannabis (yay! THC distillate) and would be perfect for users that need to dose discretely, accurately, and users that dislike the taste or smell of cannabis.

Chef’s Treats, Smarties Chocolate Bar can also be used to help to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): glaucoma, pain, stress, inflammatory diseases, fibromyalgia, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).  

Salt and Vinegar Popcorn Seasoning – 200mg

Chef’s Treats had a huge variety of cannabis distillate infused edibles to enjoy; however, these craft edible specialists also carry cannabis-infused ingredients. These marvelously infused ingredients allow customers to serve their own custom orchestrated, cannabis-infused feast.

Salt and Vinegar Popcorn Seasoning 200mg dispensary review edibles

Salt and Vinegar Popcorn Seasoning

The first cannabis infused ingredient I had the pleasure of sampling was the potent 200mg Salt and Vinegar Popcorn Seasoning. I used half of the package on the bag of popcorn I popped; the infused flavor seasoning lightly covered most of the popcorn and there was enough left over for seconds, as the salt covered the popcorn in a nice and uniform manner.

Moreover, the seasoning itself was delicious! It had salty goodness (that left my mouth a little dry) and a subtle and contrasting tart vinegar flavour, that harmoniously balanced the opposing flavours. Neither potent flavour overshadowed the other, and furthermore, the entire seasoning did an excellent job of not overshadowing the popcorn itself; which some popcorn seasonings tend to do.

I began to feel the tingly calm come over me approximately 1 hour after eating the tasty popcorn snack. Full body relaxation and a delightful, mild euphoria washed over me as I settled in to finish the movie I had started. This popcorn seasoning would be ideal for users that need to dose discretely, accurately and for users that dislike the taste or smell of cannabis. The high was long-acting, extending well past my movie, and relaxing me for the remainder of the night.

These seasoning packets would be perfect for home, but they are also discreet and could be used in public places such as movie theatres without anyone ever giving you a second glance. Chef’s Treats provides creative, fun and innovative new ways to consume infused THC. I had no idea that THC could be eaten in so many different ways, and Chef’s Treats innovative and artisan infused edibles and ingredients are setting the standard of excellence in the emerging cannabis edible industry.


If you are looking for the highest quality edibles in Canada then look no further then Chef’s Treats who has mastered the art of cannabis-infused edibles. Each of their products is truly a work of art and this dispensary, without a doubt, deserves a place on your list of places that you absolutely must order from.

Chef’s Treats Edibles demonstrate the numerous ways that cannabis can be consumed. We are amazed at how they can get the cannabis inside some of the edible products. One can tell that the master chef in charge of Chef’s Treats is an expert at his craft.

If you are looking for world-class edibles that demonstrate that making cannabis-infused foods is an art form worthy of Chef’s then you need to try these edibles for yourself. Every single one of the products was meticulously handcrafted and delicious. After sampling the products from Chef’s Treats, other edibles pale in comparison and we hope that all edible vendors will learn something about quality and craftsmanship from this elite edibles dispensary.

Are you looking to sample some of Chef’s Treats goods for yourself then check out his website and Instagram and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments!

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