Review of Chronic by Mail

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We Review Flowers, Shatter, Rosin and Edibles

Chronic by Mail is a Canadian MOM dispensary with a huge variety of flowers, concentrates and a small; but quality collection of edibles. They have many new hybrid strains that are hard to find and rare. The package came vacuum sealed; for maximum discreteness and the package would fit a standard size mailbox, so no lining up at the post office! All packages were weighed and accurate.  

Blue Dream 

Blue Dream by Chronic by Mail was a beautiful, well cured and massive bud. The bud was a mixture of sage, hunter, laurel and blue-pine greens; as well as, thousands of bright, fiery-orange pistils bursting forth from the gigantic nugget. There was a pungently sweet, fresh and earthiness to the aroma and it was faintly reminiscent to freshly picked blueberries.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream

When combusted, Blue Dream had a sharp earthiness on inhale and a pleasantly tannic and arid flavour on exhale. There was a muskiness to the flavouring; as well as, a woodsy sweetness that remained long after the bong was completed. There was a slightly sweet and musky aroma that emerged while the flower was being combusted.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, Blue Dream by Chronic by Mail produced copious amounts of dense, rich and flavourful vapour. There was an earthy sweetness; coupled with a spicy, almost herbal taste that was slightly drying, but not overwhelming.

Blue Dream is aptly named; it took me on a focused and creative journey; with a full body relaxation that melted chronic pain and stress. This powerful daytime medication will leave the user with a euphoric and uplifted cerebral mindfulness that will allow you to power through your day effectively. This sativa dominant hybrid can also be used to treat depression, fatigue, appetite loss and nausea.

Strawberry Short Cookie 

Strawberry Short Cookie had a rich musky scent; coupled with an earthy, sweet undertone and finishing with a slightly herbal aroma that made this fragrance a multitude of rich complexities that made it a pleasure to inhale.


Strawberry Short Cookie

The buds were a wide variety of small, medium and large buds with a combination of sage, lime and laurel greens; with bright, ochre-coloured pistils spaced sporadically throughout the bud. There was a generous dusting of fine, almost microscopic, white, crystal trichomes.

When combusted, Strawberry Short Cookie was smooth with an earthy punch and finishing off with a silky herbal spice that had quite an arid, drying effect. The smoke was highly aromatic; leaving an earthy, sweet fragrance that lingered a moment after the bong was completed.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour produced was dense and had a bold flavour of a smooth, spicy and herbal concoction that was felt throughout our sinuses in a most pleasurable way. There was an herbal, woodsy fragrance that hung in the air after we finished puffing on the vape.

Chronic by Mail’s Strawberry Short Cookie is a new and rare sativa dominant hybrid that traces its lineage back to SinMint Cookies and White Strawberry. The high produced was heavy; yet focused, there was a full body high that left us couch locked, but still awake and conscious with a cerebral focus and awareness.

There was also a spaciness to the high that was very mellowing and pleasant. This strain is a potent medicine; offering full body pain relief with a mental acuity that can be used for both daytime and nighttime. This strain can also be used to treat depression, anxiety, appetite loss, nausea and glaucoma.       

Beard Bros Collective White Widow Shatter Sativa “Connoisseur Line” 

Beard Bros Collective White Widow

Beard Bros Collective White Widow

The pure, sweet scent and the golden amber translucency were the first things we noticed as we opened the baggie to the White Widow Shatter by Chronic by Mail. The shatter had a beautiful texture and we delighted as we broke off the dab.

When vaped with the Atmos Jr., the vapour produced was light, airy and easy to smoke; however, the flavour of White Widow was the superstar. There was an arid, smokey earthiness that was reminiscent of a tannic wine flavour and a sweet muskiness that has to be vaped to be described.

This sativa dominant hybrid produced a full body, heavy stoned feeling and a highly introspective cerebral mindfulness. There was also a wave of a powerful euphoria and a refreshing, uplifted and a happy mood was experienced. White Widow was a powerful daytime medication that can also be used to treat nausea, appetite loss, glaucoma and chronic pain.

Tetra Bites 

Please see our edibles guide to see a comprehensive manual on how to consume edibles.

Tetra Bites

Tetra Bites

Tetra Bites are delicious sativa cannabis gummy candies with all natural flavours. The bag contained 4 melt in your mouth, chewy and sugar-coated 10mg THC doses. I consumed them all at once; however, this method of consumption is not recommended for inexperienced users.

It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes before I felt the effects of these lovely little gummies. There was a light and mild cerebral focus, coupled with a full body buzz that helped relieve stress and pain. These candies would be the perfect treat to accompany you on your daily tasks without being overwhelming.

Gold Star Hand-Pressed Rosin – Rockstar Master Kush 

Gold Star Hand-Pressed Rosin

Gold Star Hand-Pressed Rosin

Rosin has become popular in recent years as it is a completely solventless way (just heat and pressure), to make the resinous material from cannabis into a semi-liquid, shatter-like substance that retains many more flavourful terpene profiles.   

The Gold Star Rockstar Master Kush Rosin from Chronic by Mail was a beautiful, gooey, sappy, sticky, aromatic, translucent and dark amber concentrate. There was a heavy earthy fragrance as we opened the package to the superb looking rosin.

When vaped with the Atmos Jr., the vapour produced was smooth, copious, light and airy; tasting strongly of an earthy woodiness. There was also a light and subtle flavour of spicy pine, running as a pleasant undercurrent throughout the flavour profile.  

Chronic by Mail’s Gold Star Rockstar Master Kush Rosin produced a strong, nearly pure indica couch-lock effect; as well as, a relaxed, happy euphoria that would be perfect for nighttime use. Do be warned: Rockstar Master Kush Rosin produced severe pangs of hunger; have healthy snacks on hand! This medicine can also be used to treat anxiety, depression, appetite loss (obviously), glaucoma and nausea.


Chronic by Mail delivered in spades when it came to the quality of their product. We were impressed with the well-cured flowers; as well as, their superb concentrates and edibles. The selection by Chronic by Mail was not vast; however, it was thorough and you can tell that there was a well detailed and thoughtful selection placed into their catalogue of products. If you are looking for a MOM with a good selection and a focus on providing the highest quality cannabis products at prices that you can can afford then please check out Chronic by Mail for yourself.

We are also pleased to announce that Chronic by Mail will be doing a giveaway in Toronto for 4/20. They are generously handing out 1000 pre-rolls; make sure you get one before they are all gone!

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What do you think about Chronic by Mail? Let us know in the comments below.

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