ExpiredPurple Cheesecake – AAA+

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One of the rarest strains for sale is Purple Cheesecake, an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a long-lasting, relaxing high. The strain’s named for its fruity pineapple-and-cheesecake aroma, but Purple Cheesecake’s flavour is more savoury than sweet.

This well-priced AAA+ offering from BuyWeedPacks offers beautiful, trichome covered, medium-sized buds.

Each bud was a purple-green colour, and overall the weed had a pungent odour that quickly filled our room.

Purple Cheesecake Offers A Great High At An Amazing Price

After a few puffs of this powerful strain, we felt relaxed and at peace. The world around us seemed more interesting. Laughing at things came easily, and we deeply enjoyed the TV show we watched an hour later.

We had a great experience with the Purple Cheesecake from BuyWeedPacks and highly recommend trying it for yourself before they sell out of it.

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Purple Cheesecake – AAA+
Purple Cheesecake – AAA+


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