Vodka Glass Frosted Bulldog Beaker Bong

Category: Bongs

Looking for an exquisite bong to add to your glass collection, take a look at this puppy. The Frosted Bulldog is part of the beautiful Vodka Glass collection and designed to offer nothing less than perfection. With amazing features such as a fixed downstem, a slitted diffuser downstem and a slim, slightly bent mouthpiece, all working together seamlessly for you to indulge on those smooth, flavorful hits.
Let’s start off with the showerhead diffuser, the slits in the diffuser break up the smoke and spread it through the water for filtration. Its sexy, curvy beaker base that provides great stability and offers loads of room for the smoke the swirl and cool even more before you inhale. The slim mouthpiece perfectly doses the amount of smoke inhaled, so you can enjoy without coughing up a lung.
Ones you have set your teeth in this piece you are guaranteed to never let go and with three stylish colors to pick from, there is bound to be one to fit every occasion.

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