Variety Sampler (6-Pack)


Sample packs are an option for those looking to try a variety of different strains and/or edibles. This is an Ideal option for beginners.
This sample pack comes in three different options:
Option A: Flowers Only includes a sample pack of 6 grams of premium cannabis flower. One gram each of 6 different strains.
Option B: Edibles Only includes a sample pack of 6 different edibles
Option C: Combo – Flowers & Edibles includes a sample pack of 3 edibles and 3 grams of cannabis flower. *1 gram each of 3 different flowers strains.
*Photo is just an example, contents of sample pack not necessarily as shown. Packs vary.

**All flowers strains and edible products for sample packs are selected at the sole discretion of our processing department.

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