Still CBD – 99% CBD Isolate (1oz)

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About 99% CBD Isolate
CBD Isolate is amongst the most pure forms of CBD. Isolate powder is not a blend or mix of any kind, it is simply PURE CBD powder. While some say CBD powder is flavourless, some say it has lemony or piney flavour. If are looking for the most pure and direct way to consume CBD this is it.
CBD Isolate

100% Organic

Vegan, No animal products.

0% THC
How to use 99% CBD Isolate
CBD Isolate is a smokable product that is designed to be dabbed, or vaporized. You can also sprinkle some CBD Isolate on bowls or in a joint.

Average Dab Size: 0.03g

Optimal Dab Temperature: 570°F

Optimal Vape Temperature: 356°F

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