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Skullfish Sauce HCTFSE is made from a small amount of craft Hash Plant, Sarsaparilla and Sweet Cheese. This terpy and super potent extract took over 150 hours to purge out the solvent from the cured buds. It tastes like root beer, with sweet and sour undertones and a little bit of a spicy kick!
Terp sauce is HCTFSE (High Cannabinoid Terpene Full spectrum extract) and resembles applesauce with granules of sugar floating in it. The crystals are actually THCA and the syrupy liquid is rich in terpenes. THCA has many benefits including anti-inflammatory properties for treatment of arthritis and lupus, neuroprotective properties for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, anti-emetic properties for treatment of nausea and appetite loss, and anti-proliferative properties noted in studies of prostate cancer, and also include treatments for insomnia, muscle spasms and pain.

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