Hover CBD – Pear Terpsolate



About Hover CBD – Pear Terpsolate
Hover CBD Terpsolate is a high terpene extract. Our Terpsolate is made using 99% CBD Crystalline injected with pure High-quality terpenes. Crystal slabs that are beautiful to look at, and even better to smoke.

A proprietary method to incorporate strain specific terpenes that make for a pure flavorful hit, that allows for quick and effective CBD absorption.
CBD: 94%

Terpenes: 5%

100% Organic

Vegan, No animal products.

0% THC
How to use Hover CBD – Pear Terpsolate
CBD Terpsolate is a smokable product that is designed to be dabbed, or vaporized.

Average Dab Size: 0.03g

Optimal Dab Temperature: 570°F

Optimal Vape Temperature: 356°F

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