Grizzly Adams (AAA)


3.5g- $25
7g- $45
14g- $85
28g- $165

Lab tested.
Naturally grown.
Pesticide free cannabis.

Discreet Smell-Proof Packaging


Grizzly cannabis strain is an evenly balanced, 50/50 hybrid by Canadian Seed Lab with a high 21% THC average. It tastes like sugar drizzled over fruit. Buds grow within a short bloom time, blending density and resin for a hard and sticky bud that is hard to resist. Grizzly cannabis strain is good for daytime and evening usage. Grizzly cannabis strain’s high is warm and soft but as thunderous and potent as a grizzly bear. This coziness blends with mental invigoration for a full hybrid package that is hard to forget.

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