Glasscity Jellyfish Bong with Double Sprinkler Perc – SALE – 40% OFF


Take a plunge into perfection with this breathtaking percolator bong from the Glasscity collection. Supreme percolation power and mind-blowing craftsmanship put together in one amazing design, the Jellyfish Bong by Glasscity has it all. Made from premium quality glass and equipped with two sprinkler percolator that works together seamlessly to provide you with that perfectly smooth hit.
As you pull, the smoke travels through the reinforced fixed downstem, where it encounters the first sprinkler percolator. The bent tubes of the sprinkler percolator create an outward air stream, which bounces the smoke and water against the body of the bong, allowing for the smoke to cool down significantly better.
As the smoke moves upwards it reaches the second, jellyfish-shaped, sprinkler percolator where the smoke gets filtered ones more, before it exits through the slender mouthpiece.
This stunning percolator bong is decorated with maria’s (pushed glass that results in decorative bulges) on the mouthpiece and reinforced fixed downstem, which not only adds to its overall appearance but provides you with far better grip.
Glass partitions discs with glass beading are placed between the two chambers and between the top chamber and the mouthpiece in a multitude of blue shades, giving it a deep sea feel. The rim of the stable round foot and mouthpiece and the percolators also come in colored glass. You can choose between white and jade green, pick your favorite one in the drop down menu when you place your order.

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