Glasscity Ice Bong with 6-Arm Rocket Perc and Sprinkler Ball Perc – 40% OFF – END OF LINE PRICE

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Get swept of your feet by the amazing percolation power that this exceptional bong from the Glasscity collection has to offer. The towering, extra wide body is equipped with all the features to send you flying, such as a 6-arm slitted rocket percolator, a sprinkler ball percolator and even ice notches, for an extraterrestrial smoking experience.
It does take a good set of arm muscles and a pair of iron lungs to be able to handle this percolator giant. Measuring an impressive 21 inches in length, just over 3 inches in width and made from 7mm thick, premium quality borosilicate glass, it is definitely not for lightweights. To be able to hold all that weight without the risk of tipping over, the bong is equipped with an extra thick, stable round foot.
At first the smoke will travel through the reinforced fixed downstem, from where it travels into the 6-arm rocket percolator. The rocket percolator has a ball-shape on top with 6 slitted rockets underneath that separate the smoke into smaller particles, allowing it to cool significantly better. From there it travels upwards into the second chamber that houses the sprinkler ball percolator for another round of filtration.
But the fun doesn’t stop there, ice notches in the top of the bong allow you to place a couple of cubes in the tube for a hit so cold it will make you shiver. The bong comes with a male herb bowl with handle, so it is easy to lift as you inhale. Colored accents on both the percolators, the mouthpiece and the bowl give it an even more unique appearance. It is available in white, green, pink and teal, so there is bound to be a color to fit your personal preference.

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