Glasscity Beaker Bong with Quadruple Showerhead Perc | Green – 40% OFF END OF LINE SPECIAL


Looking for a compact beaker bong with remarkable percolation power, then this portable number from the Glasscity collection is your perfect match. Small enough to enjoy on your own, yet powerful enough to share with friends. It has all the features to deliver amazingly smooth hits that will blow your socks off. With not just one, but an impressive amount of four showerhead percolators to filter and cool the smoke, this beaker bong is built to deliver nothing less than perfection.
The first showerhead percolator is located in the beaker base bottom of the bong, attached to the fixed downstem. The top chamber holds an incredible amount of three slitted showerhead dome percolators, that all work together seamlessly to produce the smoothest hits, packed with all the wonderful flavors that your herbs have to offer.

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