Pink Grizzly

$135.00/oz – $2,100.00/lb Buy It Now

Pink Grizzly Strain is the perfect strain for the modern cannabis consumer. This hybrid, indica-dominant plant has an aroma of gas and earthy skunk, with gentle notes of cheese. The flavours of Pink Grizzly include a pungent diesel gas that lingers, with a burst of spiciness that you can taste more on exhale.

Pink Grizzly is a cannabis strain that will have you giggling and laughing uncontrollably. If you’re looking for a strain with serious body stone, this is the one. Expect a crazy high that lasts for hours upon hours of relaxation, euphoria, and motivation. As an added bonus, it’s also extremely potent with a high THC content of 25%.

Pink Grizzly
Pink Grizzly
$135.00/oz – $2,100.00/lb

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