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CanadianWeedForum: One of the Hottest, New Canadian Weed Forums; Making a Splash!

Editors’ Note – February 2023:

Unfortuantely their forum has closed. But you can join our cannabis discount focused discord server for amazing discussions as well as the latest deals and promo codes that we share there first!

Click here for the link to join our channel:

One of the best places to discuss weed for Canadians is the more recently updated Canadian Weed Forum. Ideal for anyone 21 years or older who lives in Canada, the forum is a newly redesigned and relaunched website.

This website had the objective to never stop adding and contributing to the newly emerged cannabis market. This website is also meant to help people understand the news laws in Canada related to cannabis, answer any questions the average citizen might have, or chat about medical or recreational marijuana use.

Requirements to Sign Upmust be 21

To sign up for the Canadian Weed Forum, a user must be 19 years of age or older (In Alberta, the legal age is 18 years old). We think this is because one must be 18 to buy weed in some provinces throughout Canada, while one must be 19 or even older to purchase cannabis in other provinces. 21 as the minimum age requirement allows for a bit more maturity to the cannabis community discussions on their forums.

What Does the Site Offer?

Primarily a forum to discuss all subjects related to saving money ordering cannabis and marijuana, the forum sections for you to choose from is set up as the home page of the platform. You start by seeing the topmost important or highlighted subjects for any category, followed by the rest of the subjects in that section.

Introductions and Announcements

For the first section on the Canadian Weed Forum, for example, the highlighted section is at the top and called New Users Introduction. This is where the newest members of the forum can introduce themselves, share something interesting about themselves and find where they truly fit into the rest of the weed forums. For each introduction post, there are a flurry of other members greeting the original poster and welcoming them with open arms into the treasured community.

Furthermore, under the New Users Introduction, the next categories that aren’t highlighted to the top are Admin Announcements, Forum Rules and Advertising. Rather self-explanatory, you’d want to look at the Admin Announcements for any important updates regularly, the Forum Rules; before posting something and Advertising to understand how the automated advertising system on the web platform works.

The Law

The next section, which many would find incredibly important, is revolved entirely on the federal and provincial laws governing cannabis usage. All three categories are highlighted: General Comments, Provincial Laws, and Federal Law. The General Comments are less related to Canada and more generalized; there are also some forum posts that even discuss New York lawmakers attempting to decriminalize pot and others discussing whether their weed purchase was shared with border patrol or not.

More centralized to Canada, the Provincial Laws category has a lot of helpful forum posts whether you’re new to cannabis or you’ve been enjoying green for years. The fake cannabis labels circulating in Saskatchewan; for example, are mentioned in a forum post in this section.

Moreover the Niagara region also just added vaping and cannabis to their anti-smoking bylaw – important information one might not even be aware of without the Canadian Weed Forum.

Finally, Federal Law touches on the most important topics of all. The first and most recent forum post mentions the likelihood of Canadians potentially getting free and quick pot pardons, with the second one highlighting that Ottawa just asked the USA to grant cannabis pardons as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn tips on how to grow marijuana indoors, clone a plant legally, or anything in between, this is likely a section that can help you the most. However, there are more focused sections down below later in the forum if you want a more specialized response.

Cannabis News and Notescannabis news

The Latest News, Producers News, Stocks, Expos, Shows and Events are the next block of categories. Fairly self-explanatory, this is where you’d go to learn the business side of events for Canada’s cannabis industry.


The next section helps you learn how to grow your own weed. More specific than asking a general question in the Federal Law section, you’ve got General Information, Limits, Laws, Indoor, Outdoor tips, tricks and Your Grow – Pictures and Reports. Here, you get to see the growing process every step of the way.

Additionally, as a native to Canada, you can even take part in the process yourself, learn from the forum and share photos of all your hard work paid off at the end of your harvest.

Medical Marijuanaweed and bottle

For specifics on licensing and laws related to the medical side of cannabis use, this section lists Medical Marijuana Information; as well as, License and Testimonials. Not only can you see the options you have available for medical marijuana and gaining a license, but you can also see the experiences of those who have also found help through marijuana.

Introducing the Redesigned Canadian Weed Forum, Splashing into the Canadian Cannabis Community Near you!

Although there’s an Open Mic for general discussions about anything at the bottom of the forum, what finishes this amazing forum is the second to the bottom – The Product. Here, you learn about the true ins and outs of the cannabis product we all  know so well.

Moreover, The Price, Experience, Dried Cannabis, Edibles, Topicals, Reviews, Cannabis Infused Recipes, CBD Oils, Flower, Gear, and finally, General Discussions on Cannabis categories provide a broad range for you to choose from.

All these sections include many active members and just goes to show how involved the community for the Canadian Weed Forum already is. With such a stylish and active website, Canadian Weed Forum has taken a head-dive into the cannabis community, coming near you, one member at a time. It’s growing fast, don’t miss out on fantastic deals and savings!

Have you joined yet? What did you think? Please leave us a detailed message in the comment box below!

Editors’ Note – February 2023:

Unfortuantely their forum has closed. But you can join our discord for amazing cannabis discussions:

The link to join our channel:


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