Obama OG

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Obama OGThis is similar to Obama Kush, pays homage the 44th president and a former member of a Hawaiian choom gang.

Other presidents have smoked pot, but Obama might be the nation’s first stoner chief executive. This strain is an indica dominant hybrid and has a 30:70 sativa/indica ratio.

It’s a descendant of SkunkAfghaniOG KushUnknown strain. This makes it a potent medical option.

CBD levels are very low, less than 1 percent. Obama OGIt has a sweet grape taste and an earthy aroma. This strain produces a strong body high that’s calming and long lasting.

There are also limited cerebral effects. The conditions that can treated Obama OGThese include anxiety, depression and irritability as well as mood swings and pain.

Side effects can include dry lips and bloodshot eyes. Paranoia and dizziness may also be possible.

This presidential choice will be visible in California, Arizona and the Pacific Northwest.

Otherwise, it’s generally quite hard to find. But it’s very popular among those who have tried it, so it’s definitely worth a try when it comes around.

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3.5g, 1oz Quarter Pound (4oz), Quarter Pound (8oz), Half-Pound (8oz), and 1 pound (16oz).

Obama OG
Obama OG
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