Neptune OG – Budget Ounce

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*Mixed Flower OunceDiscounts DO NOT APPLY to budget ounces*

We offer budget ounces to customers from time-to-time as a courtesy. This is because we realize that not everyone can afford 8 ounces. This is a great option for those with limited budgets who only have the ability to purchase one ounce. By no means is this a lower quality product just because it’s a budget ounce (28 grams). We took a great strain of cannabis and made it affordable.

Bud Size: Medium – Small
Texture: Slightly Sticky / Slightly Leafy
Flavours: Woody, Gassy, Earthy

As common for OG (“Ocean Grown”) strains, this planetary OGThis is a powerful indica that has a high THC level, making it ideal for nighttime use. Neptune OGIts euphoric effect before the heavy, sedative effects makes this strain stand out. It is also great for stress relief. This strain is also different from other indicas due to its earthy aroma and slow expansion. A well-respected strain in the medicinal cannabis community. Neptune OGCan be described as “otherworldly”.

Neptune OG – Budget Ounce
Neptune OG – Budget Ounce
$110.00 - $110.00
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