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 The top three reasons why you should consider ordering your cannabis in bulk from CannaWholesalers

Are you in the market to buy a lot of weed? If you plan on buying two ounces or more of cannabis at one time, keep reading to learn how can help you save money on your online marijuana purchase.

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If you want the best wholesale weed prices, we’ve got you covered. Now that Canada has legalized the use of recreational and medical marijuana, you can buy cannabis online and get killer discounts on dank buds and exquisite nuggets, when you buy in bulk.

Cannabis has an amazingly long shelf life and when you stock up, it can last for several months; or even years, as long as it’s placed somewhere that’s dry and dark. After you buy your weed online, be sure you seal it up in a tightly closed container such as a ziplock bag or glass jar in order to preserve its freshness. Adding Boveda packs to your jars will further ensure your sealed goodies are kept fresh, at the proper humidity.

Keep reading as we look at the top three reasons why you should consider ordering your cannabis online, in bulk.

Reason #3 to Buy Bulk Weed Online: If You Operate a Cannabis Dispensary

Save on product, grow your profit and your clientele loyalty, via their savings. Obviously, if you are running a business that sells cannabis, you need to be able to get your product at a killer price, so that you can generate revenue from the sale of said marijuana. This applies to business owners that operate brick and mortar cannabis dispensaries across Canada and online mail order cannabis sites.

Want to mix and match your herb? At, they are equipped to handle large, bulk orders from cannabis dispensaries across the country and welcome all dispensary orders. Furthermore, you’ll find deals to mix and match the types of cannabis flowers you buy, so that you can stock a variety of marijuana strains, for your valuable customer base.

Reason #2 to Buy Bulk Weed Online: Shop Marijuana Concentrates in Quantity from a Quality Cannabis Manufacturing Facility

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Purchase Shatter. Edibles. Wax. Crumble. Budder. Hash. Diamonds. Oil and other concentrates from CannaWholesalers. In order to supply Canadians with the cannabis products they love for medicinal and recreational purposes, production labs are needed to manufacture the cannabis plants and transform them into other products.

If you run a cannabis production lab, you already know how much weed is needed to create these popular cannabis products. Buy your weed concentrates in bulk, to secure the best quality product, with some of the best, rock-bottom prices available currently within the Canadian cannabis market.

Whether you want to mix and match flowers for different types of cannabis strain concentrates, or if you want to purchase a large amount of one type of marijuana concentrate, have specials for you to save huge! With more than 80 facilities across BC, stocks a huge variety of strains consistently, so that you don’t have to worry about your customers’ favourite strain disappearing.

Reason #1 to Buy Bulk Weed Online: Buying Cannabis in Bulk Grants Huge Savings and You Can Get High for Months… or Years

Do you love to get high? Are you an avid cannabis user? Perhaps you turn to cannabis for relief of chronic pain, inflammation or other health conditions. Whether you indulge in marijuana for medical or recreational reasons, one this is true — running out of weed stinks (and not in that skunky pungent way good weed stinks!)

Stock up on weed and buy a couple of ounces or more online at a discount. Not only will you save tons of money spent on weed, but you can also enjoy not having to worry about running out for a while! Store your stash in an airtight container and you will keep the same weed around for months, or even years, at a time.

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