Wedding Pie

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Wedding Pie is a mix of Grape Pie and WeddingCake. It has moderate levels of THC, which are around 22%. There may be different amounts in different batches. You can relax after a hard day’s work with this marijuana bud. The bud has 60% Indica and 40 percent Sativa genes. It also contains sweet grapes, berries, peppery and other flavors.


Wedding PieStrong cannabis can induce a calm and relaxing feeling. The pain relieving and sedative effects of this strain can ease joint and back pain, as well as migraines. Relaxation can be achieved through the relaxing effects of cannabis.


Unwind at the End


The Wedding Pie strain is perfect for recovering from a stressful day. The calming properties of this beautiful strain are great for anxiety and nervousness. It is an easy strain to relieve pain without causing a couch lock. It might inspire you to relax by watching movies, creating art, and playing with your friends.


Management of minor painThis is a. Wedding PieThis strain is good for mild pains or physical aches like headaches, tensions, muscle cramps, and tensions.


Take a deep breath.The users love the fact that this strain can induce a calm, peaceful relaxation. This bud can provide a comfortable and relaxing experience, while still allowing you to be active.


Stress and AnxietyYou can find it here. Wedding Pie can provide an euphoric, calm feeling that may help reduce stress and anxiety symptoms.


Talkative. This weed bud’s mellow effects can make it more easy to connect with others and have you talking more.


Increased hungerThis is a. It may be helpful in cases of loss appetite.


Unique Taste


It has an almost incomparable sweet flavor among Indica strains. It has strong flavors of sweet grapes, berries and cannabis flowers. You will also find subtle spices and hints of dough in this cannabis flower. It has strong herbs and is balanced out by sweet, spicy grapes.

1 review Wedding Pie

  1. Giuliano

    Wedding pie. This was by far the most delicious bud I have ever purchased on this web site. You will be happy if you buy a bud that has the name “pie”. I’m the type of stoner who loves to smoke for that flavour… the stone is just a bonus. This bud gets a 9. Incredible stone with amazing flavor and incredible smell. Gorgeous white ash.

    This is a great product that I recommend to all elite smokers. Wedding pie I’ll never forget this amazing bud.

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Wedding Pie
Wedding Pie
$7.60/g $9.50/g


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