Top-Shelf Mix & Match Ounce

Green Society
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Green Society believe that life is an experience, not a product, and we want the world to know it. We are on a mission to liberate the world from the chains of commercialized flower by offering a Mix & Match Ounce from our Top-Shelf Collection. For the first time, customers can now build their own customizable one ounce (28 gram) pack from the flowers available in our Top-Shelf Collection.

Simply choose any four of our premium AAAA+ strains and voila! Each strain comes in a 7 gram (1/4 ounce) variation for a total of 28 grams. This cost-effective package is ideal for those looking to sample flowers from our Top-Shelf Collection, those who enjoy variety and anyone looking to medicate without ever having to sacrifice quality for cost.

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Top-Shelf Mix & Match Ounce
Top-Shelf Mix & Match Ounce
$200.00/oz $280.00/oz