ExpiredTom Ford Pink Kush by Gastown Collective

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Tom Ford PinkKush by Gastown Collective contains THC levels that typically range from 23% to 25 percent; however, some batches can have variations in its potency. This weed is ideal for relaxing in the evenings thanks to its 80% Indica genetics and 20% Sativa genes. You may feel euphoric, happy and relaxed from the cerebral high. This Indica can help with chronic pain and depression.

Tom Ford Pink Kush cannabis is an attractive looking plant. It has small, dense forest green nugs that have pink streaks and are perfectly complemented with vivid orange and pink hairs. This weed flower smells and tastes like sweet honey, sour lemon and earthy notes.

An euphoric sedation

Gastown Collective’s Tom Ford PinkKush delivers a relaxing and calming mental high that is balanced with gentle euphoric lifts. The overall effect is to feel happier and less anxious. You may experience a stronger hunger pangs as the calm relaxation sinks in. After the mental or body sedation you might notice that your sleepiness increases until you finally fall asleep.

Chronic pain. The sedative effects of cannabis can help with chronic pain.

You may feel low. The Tom Ford Pink Kush has a high that can help with anxiety and depression.

Appetite loss. The high from marijuana may increase appetite, regardless of whether your condition is stress-related or more serious.

Stress. This weed bud’s relaxing properties may help to replace stress by a feeling of calm and comfort.

Insomnia. Insomnia can be caused by the deeply sedative, calming and restorative effects of Tom Ford Pink Kush.

An opulent, sweet profile of citrusy sweetness

Tom Ford Pink Kush, a marijuana strain that has sweet and citrusy flavors, is available. You may notice sour, earthy and herbal notes as you smoke this marijuana. Its smoke has a honey-like taste with a woody undertone.

For those who have more experience with cannabis, this flower is best for them.

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Tom Ford Pink Kush by Gastown Collective
Tom Ford Pink Kush by Gastown Collective
$10.00/g $12.50/g

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