Stripper Spit Sugar Wax (1g)

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Sugar wax has been heat purged and vacuumed, which is different from regular wax. To create nucleation, we strategically stir the wax. This gives it its sugary consistency. The process of nucleation helps preserve maximum terpene content and heightens the strain’s flavor profile.

Stripper Spit otherwise known as “Angel Cookies” or “Angel Spit”, this gorgeous strain is the child of the Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple. The smoke is smooth and delivers a powerful euphoric hit. Stripper Spit’s frosty buds carry a unique blend of aromas from diesel, to floral notes, to hints of licorice. This strain will melt away stress and make you feel happy and uplifted.

Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by Bud GTA

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Stripper Spit Sugar Wax (1g)
Stripper Spit Sugar Wax (1g)
$30.00 $40.00


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