Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC

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How about combining strawberry flavour with high dose cannabis effects? It would result in a delicious treat that has great therapeutic effects and provides a pleasant psychoactive experience. Strawberry Feels CBD from SeC is exactly this! The strawberry gummies each contain 25mg of cannabis and come in two packages. You can get the amazing healing properties of these gummies for cannabis enthusiasts!

Your mind will be foggy after you have eaten one. However, many people call it a feeling of bliss. The action of CBD in your endocannabinoids will make you feel happier. You will find that you are happier, more productive and have a greater sense of creativity. Your physical well-being will improve as you feel relaxed and more comfortable.

Strawberry Feels CBD By SeC: How do you consume it?

If you’re a beginner cannabis consumer, then you may not know how edibles are meant to be consumed. These Strawberry Feels CBD gummies each have 25mg of CBD, and we recommend consuming ½ of a gummy initially. Allow the effects to take effect for between 40-50 minutes, then wait and see what your body does. Do you find it pleasant or are the powerful effects making your body feel anxious?

You may need to adjust the dose or decrease it depending on how you react. Higher doses may be appropriate if you are looking to reduce your pain, fatigue, or other medical conditions. This whole gummy, which contains 25 mg of CBD, should be able to help you relax and ease your symptoms. These medical uses make Strawberry Feels CBD from SeC a versatile gummy.

How does Strawberry Feels CBD affect the taste and smell?

Who says that cannabis edibles shouldn’t be tasty and flavourful? As important as the recreational experience is the culinary experience. Strawberry Feels can be very delicious due to the strong strawberry flavour. Just thinking of the sweet, creamy strawberry aroma and flavour will make you swoon. One thing’s for sure – your taste buds will thoroughly enjoy these gummies.

Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC has a psychoactive effect that can calm and appease your nerves as well as relax your body. The three effects can provide relief for many conditions such as:

Appetite loss
Chronic pain
Mild cases may be caused by migraines

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Bud GTA

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Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC
Strawberry Feels CBD by SeC
$7.20/ea $9.00/ea


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