Strawberry Banana Artisan Hash

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Strawberry Banana Hash, one of most concentrated and potent forms of marijuana, is the best. It contains the highest purity levels and THC content. This cannabis concentrate can work wonders in relieving symptoms of chronic pain, arthritis, Chron’s Disease, and PTSD.
The sweet taste and aroma of marijuana combined with earthy notes makes this a great choice. Strawberry Banana Hash will deeply relax you while stimulating your mind to focus, creativity and positivity.
The Euphoric Effect
Strawberry banana hash can have uplifting and mood-boosting effects that will lift your spirits. You can transform your dark moods and despair into laughter with this cannabis concentrate.
Strawberry Banana Hash’s euphoric effects can lift your mood away from depression and stress to make you feel happy, motivated, and optimistic. The effect of Strawberry Banana Hash can be felt almost immediately. It will transform your brain into clarity and creativity which allows you to concentrate on your projects easily.
Medical Benefits
Strawberry Banana Hash has been used in medicine to provide powerful healing. The delicious, sweet hash can be used for a number of ailments. These conditions include, but aren’t limited to:

Chron’s Disease
Chronic pain
Appetite Loss
Chronic stress

Strawberry Banana Haash has impressive anti-inflammatory qualities. Its most powerful effect is its ability to relieve pain. Due to the THC-rich high, this cannabis concentrate is fast-acting.
The Versatile Hash
Strawberry Banana Hash has a unique flavor with berry notes.
This delicious-tasting hash can be eaten as an edible. Make sure to know the right dosage for your needs. Mix it in your favorite non-alcoholic drink or baking recipe. Strawberry Banana Hash is available for those who prefer to use cannabis.
Strawberry Banana Hash is available in many forms. Keep in mind the high concentration and potency of Strawberry Banana Hash. You can start slowly building up to the maximum dosing level if you’re not sure about your tolerance.

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Strawberry Banana Artisan Hash
Strawberry Banana Artisan Hash
$10.80/g $13.50/g


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