Sour Angel

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Sour Angel’s powerful, delicious flavour has made it a top-rated sour cannabis variety. Sour Angel has won multiple awards, including second in the 2016 Emerald Cup as well as third at the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Sour Angel, a Sour Cheese Strain has become completely crazy about the flavor it makes. This flavour profile is unique and attracts many smokers. You will love the Sour Angel Strain’s delicious strawberry flavour, which is balanced with a strong skunk/gas/cheese flavor that leaves you craving more.

Now it’s your turn to fight the machine again. The strain gives you the power, speed, and energy you need to keep going after a hard day. The strain’s ability to inspire creativity and relax throughout the day makes it a great choice for anyone who works long hours or has to do a lot of heavy work.

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Sour Angel
Sour Angel


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