Shatter by Drip Extracts

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Drip Extracts’ ShatterIt is made from high-grade butane, which gives it a glassy, brittle texture. This shatter is semitransparent amber and provides a unique, divine high for the user. Drip Extracts’ ShatterIt is great for vaporizing and dabbing. Get the best of both worlds with Drip Extracts ShatterA line of premium shatter products that can be taken in moderate amounts to improve mood, alleviate depression, and improve sleep quality.

The strain you choose determines the flavor and aroma. Shatter by Drip ExtractsThese flavors are available:

  • SlurricaneThis strain is a cross between Purple Punch and Do-Si-Dos. It has a blueberry and creamy OG flavor. The strain’s 60% Indica profile provides enough sedation to relax you.
  • Lemon TrainwreckStrangely, the flavour combines gasoline and lemons. The perfect combination of pungent spiciness with citric sweetness is the result. The 70% Sativa profile results in intense euphoric effects and energy.
  • Death BubbaThis strain is characterized by a strong piney spiciness that is complemented by the sweet lemon flavor. The 70% Indica dominance can bring calm mental and physical comfort that balances out stress and exhaustion.
  • Girl Scout CookiesGSC is famous for its minty sweet aroma with cherry and lemon aromas. There’s a bit of nuttiness and aromatic vanilla somewhere there, which makes the 60% Indica profile feel even more sedative and relaxing
  • Pink Kush: Berries, sweet candies, floral sweetness, and vanilla candy-like aromas make Pink Kush a must-have in anyone’s collection. This strain is 90% Indica dominant. You can expect a high level of sedation and calmness as well as healing benefits.

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Shatter by Drip Extracts
Shatter by Drip Extracts
$27.20 $32.00


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