Rainbow Kush Mints

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Rainbow Kush Mints Strain Information

Rainbow Kush Mints variety has a delicious flavor and incredible effects. With Rainbow Kush Mint’s Indica-dominant genetics and 22-25% THC potency, this Craft strain will delight you.

Rainbow Kush Mints isn’t a strain you’re likely to see often. This strain, an indica-dominant hybrid that was created from crossing Platinum Kush mints with Rainbow Zkittlez is very rare.

Because of its rareness and difficulty in cultivation, this special strain is grown only in very small quantities by skilled cultivators.

This strain is known for its incredible appeal in bags. Crack open a bag and you’ll notice this right away. 

Because of its dominant indica heritage, the nugs are thick and heavy. The strain’s surface is also covered with thick layers of frosty trichomes, which give it a more minty feel. This strain has a bright green colour and thin, orange-colored hairs. It is refreshing for the eyes!

It even has a refreshing smell. It’s Rainbow Zkittlez parent strain delivers a sweet and fruity flavour that’s impossible to resist.

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Rainbow Kush Mints
Rainbow Kush Mints