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Purple Space Cookies From BuyWeedPacks Was Out Of This World

Purple Space Cookies is an Indica/Sativa hybrid (80% Indica/20%) cannabis strain that was created by crossing Durban Poison with Girl Scout Cookies. This variety is legendary for its stunning beauty and delicious taste.

Each bud is emerald green with rich purple overtones. There are purple highlighted tined white crystal trichomes all over its black twisted hairs. Each glittering purple nugget releases a sweet fragrance that delighted our senses.

The taste of Purble Space Cookies from BuyWeedPacks was exquisite.  It’s a strain that had us soaring in space in no time.  This cerebral high was accompanied by a calming body high that left us feeling tranquil and pain-free from head to toe. 

Purple Space Cookies Is A Powerful Indica Dominant Strain

This strain benefits from its high THC content (20-25%) which makes it popular for treating chronic pain, sleeplessness, depression, chronic stress, and mood swings.

This Indica dominant strain has brilliant purple trichomes and a star-like sheen to the icy nugs.   The euphoria struck us with the first inhalation. You’ll be welcomed with a peaceful bodily high that accompanies a brain boost that left us feeling serene all over our body.

A Strain Originating From Canada’s West Coast

Originating From Canada‘s West Coast This wonderful combination was born through mixing the notorious Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies strains.

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Purple Space Cookies (AAA)
Purple Space Cookies (AAA)
$55.00/oz $60.00/oz
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