Purple Punch by Gastown Collective

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Purple Punch

This is a brand new addition by Canadian team extraordinaire Gastown Collective. This AAAA-level, delicious strain is another triumph. This blueberry-infused, citric blueberry strain from Gastown Collective.

It will delight you beyond belief Gastown is one of the best teams of weed growers in Canada, and they’ve proven their mettle time and time again, with historic releases.

It’s not a surprise that they came up with an exclusive Purple Punch.

We are proud of their hard work and dedication. This strain is available for your enjoyment and pleasure. Gastown Collective is sure to release better, more potent strains in the future, and we’ll be here to give you a glimpse of their newest releases. Keep following us to discover new strains first!

What are the effects of Purple Punch?

The striking appearance of the hair is highlighted by bright neon-green nugs. It is also covered in bright red-orange locks that make a great first impression. This fiery appearance looks great when contrasted with sparkling-white, almost transparent-like white trichomes covering the hairs and buds. These fine crystal shards contain the precious cannabinoids and terpenes that’ll be paramount to your psychoactive experience. It has to look good.

Indeed, and that’s exactly the case with Purple Punch. One taste is all it takes to discover the sweet blueberry flavour with hints vanilla and candy sweetness. There’s a grape aroma somewhere, waiting for you to discover it. Perhaps on the exhale, but we don’t know. You’ll have to experience it for yourself to see it! This delicious strain has a new appreciation due to its earthiness, herbal roughness, and other wonderful qualities.

Purple Punch is a delight for those with refined palates.

The first puff is the beginning of an Indica-dominant recreational journey that only gets better with time. It has a THC concentration of 18-20% and its parents are Larry OG & Grand Daddy Purps. Clearly, what’s waiting for you is a relaxing experience, with bits of euphoria and electrifying motivation sprinkled here and there. You will experience a surge in energy, which is a sign of the 20% Sativa inheritance. You will find pure happiness towards the end.

When the euphoria settles down, you’ll go through a sweet and soothing full-body experience. It is very sedative and euphoric. Purple Punch doesn’t pull its punches, so to speak. It turns your cheeks purple and stops you from having to suffer from chronic pains, insomnia, and appetite loss. At this level of recreational experience, the therapeutic benefits are more than welcome. MMJDirect patients are very interested in this topic. Purple Punch’s medical applications, and we’re more than happy to assist. This strain is able to help with

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Purple Punch by Gastown Collective
Purple Punch by Gastown Collective
$8.40/g $10.50/g


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