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Your joint action will be a success with the Kingsize Pure Hemp. You’ve never tasted a rolling paper like the one we’re selling – we can guarantee that. That’s because these unbleached rolling papers are completely natural, made from 100% natural hemp, natural gum, and no chemicals or additives at all.

The pack comes with 33 sheets of rolling paper. Kingsize Pure Hemp can be ordered online through MMJDirect. It’s a safe and quick way to make your cannabis-related purchases without worrying needlessly. You will receive your order quickly and securely via PayPal. You should receive your parcel within 2-5 business days.

Why are these rolls of paper so good?

We also mentioned the use of all-organic hemp ingredients to make these rolls papers. Well, it’s true. However, that’s no everything that makes these rolling papers excellent. The Pure Hemp stamp is included with each leaf. This paper has a slow burn rate and no aftertaste. What does that mean? Pure pleasure when making and smoking a joint, that’s what it means.

Most of the time, when you’re making your own joints using bad-quality rolling paper, you need to face reality – your joints will be of bad quality. The rolling paper will become wet and won’t maintain the same form throughout the entire process. Moreover, when starting to smoke it, you’ll notice the papers starting to crumble. You might also notice that the cannabis plant’s ground marijuana may start to leak out.

Kingsize Pure Hemp joints look fantastic on roll paper. When smoking them, they won’t release any aftertaste and they’ll also burn slowly. The amazing cannabis taste will last longer, so you can still enjoy it. This is possible with the regular rolling papers that you already make.

Kingsize Pure HempMMJDirect can be purchased online. If you’re over 19 and legally reside in Canada, we’ll serve you at any time and maintain your discretion throughout the payment and shipment processes. If you purchase products that exceed $150, we will pay for shipping. You can buy these rolling papers in 2-packs to make them last for longer.

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Pure Hemp – Kingsize
Pure Hemp – Kingsize
$4.80 $6.00

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